Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunrise at Sunset

Ah, sunrise at Bryce is guaranteed to get a guy outta bed real early. Yesterday's sunrise wasn't much to write home about. We didn't think today's was gonna be much either. Once again we watched sunrise at Sunset. As we noted yesterday, the Sunrise viewpoint was sardine packed with people while virtually no one was at Sunset viewpoint. So odd. So true. We put captions below each photo.
At first glance we didn't think the sunrise was going to amount to much.  How wrong we were.
The sun is rising right smack dab over Powell Point on the Table Cliff Plateau.  We sure have a hankering to go to Powell Point.  We did so only once in 2001.  "One of these days" we will get back there again.

Well, I literally saw the light when the sun popped up over Powell Point.  HA!  The proverbial light bulb went off.

I looked to my right and realized the deserted area of Sunset Point was alive with the rays of first light.  That's the Navajo Trail switchbacks you see in the photo.

So I hot-footed it over that-a-way to the back recesses of Bryce Amphitheater.

What a wonderland awaited.  It was very hard to believe there was one one else there but me.

All types of light at all times of day make great viewing at Bryce.  In our opinion the first light of sunrise offers some of the best views.  It's such a precious few fleeting moments.

No matter where you look, there they are--those hoodoos--silent sentries for the centuries.

The Paiute Indians believe that their early ancestors all lived in Bryce but they were bad and Coyote turned them to stone.

Nobody knows how many hoodoos populate Bryce.

Believe it or not, this is Sunset Point at sunrise.  Check it out.  One solitary photographer.  We will take a better camera tomorrow so we can show you the mass of people clustered at Sunrise Point.  Apparently, they all unaware (with apologies to Ernest Hemingway) that "The Sun Also Rises" at Sunset Point.

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