Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hoo Doo Dis? Hoo Doo Dat?

Hoodoos are a way of life here at Bryce.  Humans throng to answer The Call of The Claron.  That's the geologic voodoo mud puddle layer that makes all dem hoo doo thangs. People (ourselves included) get spellbound over the hoodoos here.  They are everywhere and in such profusion that it would be impossible even for a professional photographer to capture their essence. Here's a few photos of our hike today.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow so we will do a road trip of some sort.  This WIFI is awesome.  It's hard to believe it's free right here in the main lobby of the Lodge.  Normally, Lodge managers don't want riff raff hanging out in the lobby. All of Bryce is a sweet deal.  We're camping for a mere $7.50 a night and there's no extra charge for  our extra vehicles  So, we're getting three vehicles here for the $7.50.  Life is good.

This Rain Thing actually started right after we finished our hike.  The weather radio robot voice says it might even snow on us here at 8,000 feet.  If it does it will only be a short photo op and nothing serious.  Should be real interesting to see how it all shakes out and falls to earth.  Maybe it will sprinkle the hoodoos with powdered  sugar and make them even more appetizing!

Well, it's five o'clock here and, can you believe it, some guy from the lodge just walked in with an armload of firewood and he's building a white man fire in the imposing stone fireplace here in the lobby.  Heck, we don't even have to break a sweat building our own campfire at Bryce.  WIFI next to a big fire--how good is that?  Good thing we have lots of stuff on our plate in Idaho Falls or we might not leave this wonderful park.

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Marti Spudboater said...

Now I know why you guys love CoR at Almo so much. And now I now why I'd like Bryce so much, too. It's like being in hobbit land.