Saturday, March 3, 2012


We don't often put weather graphics on this blog, preferring to keep them on the Geek Weather blog instead.  However, this morning's low temperature of 14 is newsworthy considering it's early March. Yikes, it was so cold it even formed a sheet of ice in our water-filled cattle tank.  Now, mind you, 14 is considered balmy in places like Siberia and Idaho Falls but 14 here on the Opening Day of Spring Training down south in Phoenix is downright heresy.  The weather wonks say it's going to do a fast warm up.  Since the barometer has rallied 30 points overnight, we assume they are telling the truth. The cause of this blast of cold air is, as usual, the jetstream.  The graphic above shows the Northern Hemisphere jetstream.  You can see a real dippity-doo-dah punching straight into the Southwest from Alaska.  Brrrr.....!  Many Cheers, jp

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