Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Day!

Ground Hog Day 2012 was incredible.  First and foremost, it was a milestone birthday for Sweetie Susun.  She dutifully cast her shadow as the sun went down in the Cherry Notch.  She enjoyed a truly memorable and special day.  We took a long drive in the Samurai up Wikiup Draw to the very base of the Mogollon Rim and enjoyed a lunch of oysters and crackers.  The evening campfire was just right and followed by a dinner of fresh asparagus, shrimp, boneless pork and all the trimmings.  Read on below the Birthday Girl photo to learn what really made the say Super Special.
Well, this is pretty incredible.  We sold Mom's house yesterday on Ground Hog Day.  What are the odds?  It was a wild morning, that's for sure.  The emails were flying back and forth.  We had to print documents, sign documents and then scan documents and re-send them back to the Realtor in Indiana.  It's done and it's amazing.  It's an all cash deal $4,200 ABOVE appraisal with closing in a week and NO inspections required or requested!  The buyer is very eager to get the house as soon as possible so closing will be next Thursday afternoon.  And, wouldn't you know it, the Arizona Republic newspaper put in a half page photo of Bill Murray with the ground hog in his lap.  How incredibly amazing is that?  Anyway, we were both a bit happily dazed by it all.  The house was only on the market for five days and showings didn't even begin until Monday.   It all happened so fast it's almost like a dream.  But it's done and next week it will be really done.  It will take a few more months to let the dust settle on her estate but, in the meantime, there won't be anything for me to do.  As Bill Murray said in one of his last lines in the movie, "It's a new day!"

For those with a high speed internet connection and Adobe Flash player installed, you can click here for a 60-photo album that the Realtor made to show the house.  Many Cheers!  jp


Kirsty said...

Happy birthday dear sweet Susun!! xoxo I don't know what milestone you reached but I'm guessing 21? You don't look a day over! You glow girl!

Congratulations on the sale-it's all that good karma due to you. Belated but very sincere condolences on the passing of your mother. I know she is smiling down on you. She must have been an amazing woman to have raised someone who is such a gift to the world.

stasea said...

I agree with Kirstys comment!! Ditto ditto!! ANd here's to perseverance!! and good karma.