Wednesday, February 22, 2012

State Stamp Stroll

Well, it was once known as Cathedral Rock but from now on, at least for us, it's going to be called The State Stamp.  It was a fine place for a stroll Tuesday.  We walked as far as Oak Creek and then stretched out on some inviting red rocks.  The waters murmured their famous lullaby and once again cast their spell on our spirits.  The Baldwin and Templeton Trails are a delightful place to lollygag on a sunny late February day.  After soaking up a healthy dose of Chamber of Commerce Blue Bird weather, we rambled over to see Betty at the Sedona Winds facility.  Betty turned 90 last September and she's the most chipper, happy 90-year-old we've ever known.  She's always such a delight to be with.  Susun assembled a small book case for Betty and we delivered it to her.  She was so happy to get it, you would have thought she won the Powerball.  That's Betty.  She appreciates the little things in life and her wonderful positive attitude gives Betty a new lease on life every single day.  
 The remainder of the afternoon was spent at a lazy pace with little to do other than recycle and reload.  Gary and Robin joined us for the campfire.  Robin had a personal milestone yesterday--she made her very own mozzarella cheese from raw cow's milk.  She brought over some cherry tomatoes and basil she grew this winter in their greenhouse and we enjoyed some of the tastiest hors d'oeuvres ever to grace the flickering flames.  Congratulations, Robin!
Susun baked a whole chicken with a great big pile of roasted vegetables.  All-in-all, a Classic mid-winter Arizona Sunshine Day. 

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