Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Six Years Ago Today

As we all add more years to our age, various milestones accumulate in our life's pathway.  Specific days become memorable for some notable event.  So it is with February 27th.  This day will forever mark  major sea change in our lives.  Six years ago today, we signed the papers that sold our land and straw house to a developer.  We then embarked on an interesting sequences of experiences which eventually led us back here once again.  Ah, the Merry-Go-Round of Life! 

We spent 5 hours working on that Verde River Guide stuff yesterday and it's once again out of our hands at least for awhile.  Whew--that project has been nagging at our psyche for months.  Basically, our task-at-hand was to write 64 short narratives for "points of interest" along the river stretching from Bridgeport to Beasley Flats.  Do the math.  64 divided by 5 is almost 13, call it 12.  Sixty minutes divided by 12 is 5.  So, if we wrote one narrative every five minutes, that's five hours.  That's "hustle-hustle" writing, for sure. 

The wind finally came for a visit and we're guessing it peaked in the mid to upper 30 mph range.  That's nothing compared to what our Dear Friends in Idaho Falls have endured--gusts into the 60 mph range and days and days of steady winds in the 30 mph range.  Click here for a story about a hum-dinger blizzard last Saturday in the Grand Teton NP and Jackson, Wyoming.  Speaking of Wyoming, we'll betcha didn't know their legislature recently considered buying an aircraft carrier.  No kidding.  You can read about it by clicking here. Ah, those Cowboys, what will they think of next?

If you are looking for a blog with some REAL action, go check out Wayne Ranney's blog, "Earthly Musings."  He's over in Africa right now and put up his latest blog post just yesterday.  YOU GO, WAYNE!
Click here to travel vicariously with Wayne.

Naturally, if you want to read a heart-warming, FUN, uplifting blog full of spirit click on over to Momedy by Kirsty.  Her blog is always such a breath of fresh air (quite literally in her latest post!).  YOU GO, KIRSTY!

Spudboater's last blog post was mid-December and Goatherder's was mid-November.  They both appear to be on a permanent blog break.  Maybe we can encourage them to do at least a quarterly blog post.

Well, there's no much else to report.  We'll be heading off for the Tuesday Target Shoot this morning, bringing coffee and donuts as usual.  After the overnight storm, it's going to be damp, cold and windy but still as fun as it always is.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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