Sunday, February 26, 2012


NASCAR?  No, wait, maybe it's bumpers cars.  No, wait, it's a demolition derby.  No, silly, it's Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.  Interstate 17 is an odd creature as far as interstate highways go.  Look at the name.  it says inter state NOT inner state.  well, I-17 only exists between South Phoenix and Flagstaff.  It doesn't go anywhere else.  For more years than I can remember, I've always believed I-17 was one of the most wildest and craziest of all interstate highways.  It may not be quite as bad as I-15 through the 100-mile Salt Lake metroplex, but it's danged close.  Lately, our local inner state highway has been really racking up the wrecks.  Those little white crosses and home made memorials are proliferating.  The pavement is marked with wild tire skid marks.  There are many more burned spots on the road shoulders where vehicles caught on fire and burned wn to the steel frame.  That half-day Friday back up didn't even make the news.  Apparently a six hour traffic backup just isn't news like it once was.  Yesterday's multi-hour back up was probably rated a "hiccup" by metro media news managers. 

I did get to see some of the wreckage from Friday's incident.  It looked like somebody put a big bomb inside a travel trailer and blew it to smithereens.  Who knows when authorities will be able to remove that mess?  People simply won't slow down on I-17.  They comes out of Phoenix with all their pent up Wild West energy in full bloom.  It is becoming a genuine adventure to travel I-17.  From this day forward, we will always carry food, water, entertainment and an overnight rig when we are traveling down to The Valley.  Methinks I-17 has reached a new level of traffic insanity and has become NASCAR, bumper cars and a demolition derby all rolled into one stretch of mayhem.  OK, we're done venting on that subject now, let's move on, shall we?

It was so great to finally be able to come home to a big hug from Sweetie Susun yesterday.  We arrived in mid-afternoon.  After unpacking a truck load of flotsam and jetsam, Gary and I took the new pistol out for a walk in the desert.  It performed flawlessly and is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  So, if I wouldn't have been marooned, I wouldn't have the pistol.  Everything happens for a porpoise. 

We did manage to get a campfire going but it was well after sunset before the first flames rose from the juniper.  Susun fixed a great dinner of eggplant and turkey meatballs in spaghetti sauce.  YUM!

We've canceled our Monday shooting match tomorrow.  Losing four full days this past week really set us behind on a lot of projects and duties--the biggest of which is the Verde River Guide project.  We know a couple of people who are getting almost testy about our lack of progress on it.  Well, what can we say?  We are a volunteer.  Perhaps they need to remind themselves of that factoid, eh?  Anyway, there's way too much other stuff on our plate right now to spend time on a pistol match tomorrow.

February will be our first full month in Arizona.  Can you believe that?  November was a few ays old when we arrived.  Half of December and most of January was spent in Indiana.  So this is a fun first full month here and a Leap Year to boot.

Well, that's about ll the trivia we can find to discuss this morning.  Have a great day & Many Cheers! jp

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