Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mema & Grand Sons

Miss Susun is now "Mema" and she's in her element once again.  Thanks, Mom Sarah, for sending such a sweet photo of the trio.  Susun arrived at the Phoenix airport about 7:15 and was in San Diego just after 10 am California Time.  She and The Boys and Sarah will be back in Phoenix tomorrow night.  It's quite the schedule.  It's always so great to see Sweetie Susun with her Grand Kids.  You Glow, Girl!

We are back at Second Chance Ranch, unpacked and getting ready to rustle up the obligatory campfire--even if the wind is blowing.  Who cares?  We shot in the ICORE match this morning and did OK.  We'll talk more about it tomorrow morning.  We just wanted to get this photo up and running of Mema.

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