Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Greetings

The last few days have been a typical whirlwind warp.  Thursday and and went in a pleasant blur.  Friday was likewise.  We lost count of the various places we went for various reasons. (One of the places ALWAYS visit in Mesa is Bass Pro Shops--above--it's kind of a mecca for outdoors people.)  Yesterday was about as rush-rush, go-go as it could possibly be.

The blog author left Roger's Place before 7 am, grabbed a breakfast burro at the Pro Ranch Market and made it over to the north flank of South Mountain well before 8 am.  The IDPA Club there commenced shooting their Saturday match shortly thereafter.  We will describe that experience over on the shooting blog.  Meanwhile, the match wrapped up at 10:30 am and we hotfooted it back to Mesa to commence helping Miss Susun prepare for her departure.  We left Roger's Place at 1 pm and got Our Sweetie to the airport about two hours in advance of her flight.

We're certain she's having a wonderful time hugging her daughters and grand sons.  We're also certain we will soon start receiving texts, Facebook photos and more.  We're so happy she's visiting with her girls and grand kids again.

After leaving Sky Harbor, we went back south into West Mesa once again to meet Justin W. for a firearm transaction.  THANKS, Justin!  Then it was off into Tempe to meet Chris D. to pick up some brass.  And then we headed up the 101 into Paradise Valley to meet David S. to buy a holster.  After that we hustled back to Rimrock and rustled up a campfire before the sun dipped below the horizon.  Gary came for a brief visit before spending most of the night in a Search & Rescue exercise in the use of maps and GPS at night.  Those guys never stop training.

We kept the campfire going well past its normal "burn down" time and enjoyed thinking of Miss Susun having a wonderful time in San Diego as well as the blur of events of the day.

OK, now that we are "batching" it again here at Second Chance Ranch, whazzup?  The top priority will be to begin building the earth oven.  We might even start on that project today.  It's time to stop talking about it and get down and dirty and DO something.  Wouldn't you agree?

If the past is an indicator, this week will go flying by and we won't even tackle half the tasks we hope to tussle.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

PS--One of the really cool features of Bass Pro is their aquarium.  It contains all the game fish typically caught in Arizona.  The kiddies love it.  The waterfall is pretty cool, too.  Bass Pro Shops ROX over Cabela's and it makes Sportman's Warehouse look like a Circkel K.

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