Thursday, October 13, 2011


No, not THOSE "Sixties," we're talking temps in the sixties here for the next few days.  Time for some fall frolicking!

Susun was her busy butterfly self again yesterday.  She and Dina went to see Delbert and he approved a plan to plant the blooming bulbs.  City workers will also cut the perennials back by at least half--some of them are threatening to take over the flower beds.  The whole garden will be a different palette when we return in late April.   Susun spent a long lunch with her friend Joni, Jana's Mom, at the Mi Pueblo on First Street.  We're sure going to miss that little taco joint.  They have the best fish tacos in town for a mere buck seventy-five.

For our part, yesterday was one of those post-full-moon days where nothing seems to go according to plan.  We did manage to check a lot of tasks on the Skamper off our list.  We've found that there's really only one way to mess with menial minutia--buckle down and "git 'er dun."  If we defer such tasks, they never get done.  If we attack them right after a trip, we make great progress.  However, on a day such as yesterday, every task takes twice as long as normal.  We also made some City of Rocks photo CD's and mailed them off to Spudboater so maybe she can chill out now.

The whole mailing process was interesting enough to describe here.  Our main Post Office is an antiquated artifact of the 1960's that's woefully understaffed to handle the typical crush of customers.  Sure enough, when we arrived there was a long line and every one in front of us appeared to be mailing large packages overseas.  Yikes.  Meanwhile, when we entered the building we noticed a relatively new self-service kiosk in the lobby.  What the heck?  Might as well try it.  The whole process was incredibly painless and FAST.  In fact, it was even easier than dealing with a real person at the counter.  Payment is blazing fast--much like using your card as a gas pump. Not only that but the machine printed out a label which included space to address the envelope to Spudboater.  The label has all sorts of cool bar codes and such on it meaning that it would scan far faster than an ordinary envelope.  We were very impressed and decided the self-service machine is now our "go to" gig whenever we head off to ye ol' PO.  The whole process was a bright spot of positive energy in our day.

Speaking of menial minutia, have you ever tried to find PAPER hot cups lately?  Well, good luck.  We went to several stores looking for them and came up empty handed and puzzled.  It seems that all hot cups these days are foam--the paper ones are dinosaurs.  Susun and I really dislike using disposable foam cups, plates or bowls so we refused to buy the foam cups. None of the major stores sell paper hot cups.  After we'd actually given up, we stumbled into some of them in the dollar store.  They must be cast off artifacts or something.  Sign of the times we suppose.

Dear Friends Kate & Brad (AKA: Goatherder) celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this week.  Congratulations, Kate & Brad!!  Naturally, Goatherder wrote a poignant blog post about their anniversary dinner.  You can click here to read it.

Kirsty has been having the same "photo problem" on her blog that we've been experiencing on this blog.  In her latest post she says, "And then I take all these zillions of photos and I can’t decide which to share. Ridiculous. So I share none of them? Ludicrous!"  Aye, we sure understand that one, Kirsty.  Anyway, Kirsty managed to "get over it" and posted up tons of photos of her Family's really cute baby girl.  As Kirsty said in concluding her post, "I wonder how many times I used the word 'cute'?"  Probably not enough would be our answer.  You can click here to read Kirsty's the post entitled "Can't Handle The Cuteness."

Meanwhile, Yeoman blogger Wayne Ranney has hit a temporary speed bump in his blogging.  His computer won't cooperate.  Bummer, Wayne, throw some Coconino Sandstone at it, maybe that will help.

Looks like a golfing we will go today.  Have a great Thursday & Many Cheers, jp

PS--All blog comments will once again be moderated. 

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Marti Spudboater said...

Looking forward to the photos. I tried in vain to upload some of mine onto a blog I posted last night about COR, but Cableone was not up to par. It took and hour just to get the blog to post with words. Then one of the photos uploaded. Will try again this week and you can see some of my photos instead and link to it. Cute photo of Van. Hey, if you stop at Starbucks they have lots of paper coffee cups. We grab them for our office all the time. So WINCO didn't have them either? I'm with you, no foam for me either. They don't grow "foam trees."