Monday, October 31, 2011

Delayed departure?

The weather forecast ebbs and flows.  Who knows which way the weather will go.  On the one hand, it might be snowing from here to Salt Lake tomorrow.  Or it might be raining.  Or maybe neither one of the above.  Odds seems to favor a pretty dicey driving day tomorrow so we are in a quasi-holding pattern right now.  We've put our water and power disconnect on "hold" until 8 am tomorrow when we will re-evaluate the situation.  If travel conditions look good, we will take off but it will definitely be later than the 9 am target time.  If travel conditions are truly terrible, then we will leave on Wednesday.  Every LBR knows how much we loathe driving in Salt Lake City traffic.  Throws wet or even icy roads into the mix and that gauntlet becomes a nightmare.  There's no point in driving through a mess like that if we don't have to.  And we don't.  So, we will just wait and see and leave when it's safe to do so.

This morning we took a nice "sanity break" and went to the Museum of Idaho to view a splendid exhibit on World War Two.  It's a one time exhibit and everything on display was garnered from military collectors in just four states: Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.  It was really well worth the time to go see it all.

Yesterday's sanity break came when Houn Dawg called and begged to try to win his five dollars back.  So, we got together at 2pm and played a really spirited round of short course golf.  HD and I were tied after two holes but he took a two shot lead on Hole #3.  That's tough to make up with just three holes remaining.  I gained a stroke on Hole #4 and it came right down to the very last putt on Hole #6 when I tied him up at 27 each.  On our first overtime hole, we tied once again.  That  put us into the second overtime hole.  HD was sitting in position to record a four on the hole.  I had a really long putt to make a par 3.  It was a very tough putt because of the tricky sideslope.  Luckily, the putt was perfect and curved right into the hole.  HD graciously forked over another five dollar bill.  We told him we hoped he would have won but, in the meantime, we played to win.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you play for money?  THANKS, HD, you are a Great Golfer and a wonderful Mentor.

We're pretty well packed up and simply running last minute errands today.  Joshua's kayak now decorates the top of the Nissan.  All we can do it kick back and wait and see how the weather shakes out.

In the meantime, let's all have a wonderful day & Many Cheers, jp

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