Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daze of our lives

Sometimes the daze of our lives moves by so quickly...whew...we get dizzy thinking about it.  Looking at our blog, we realize we haven't posted here since Monday and now it's Thursday morning.  Hum...that's three full daze.  Where did they go?  What did we do?  Those are good questions.
Yesterday, at least, we can remember some of what we did.  The morning was a rush-rush deal as Susun and Dina attacked The Hilda Garden with their typical fervor.  I had been complaining about the lack of early spring color there.  The Garden Boss Delbert agreed to buy 70 daffodil bulbs.  Since I'd been the one complaining, Susun and Dina said it was only fair that I should help plant those blubs.  It was a "gotcha" that I couldn't weasel out of.  Anyway, those two bright spirits behaved like their typical whirlwind selves and, poof, all the bulbs were planted in less than an hour.

Afterward, we each went our own way.  I went off to see the traveling World War One exhibit entitled "Honoring Our History."  The exhibit is set up inside a custom semi-trailer.  A very small part of the trail replicates a pseudo feel of an actual trench from the era.  It was interesting but not overly so.  Susun got her hair done--that's always a big day around these parts.  You can see her "new do" in the photo with her Dear Friend Teresa.  Teresa stopped in last night to say "bye" to Susun.  Susun's Dear Friends here have been calling of visiting to say how much they will miss her cheery spirit this upcoming winter and spring.  We will miss THEM as well!  Other than that, our days have been pretty much the same as we tackle all the mittle minutia necessary to button everything up.

We have changed our travel schedule once again.  Remember: "Plans are made to be changed."  We will still leave early Tuesday morning.  However, we're no longer driving straight to Marysvale or Circleville, Utah.  Nope, we're eddying out in Ogden about lunchtime Tuesday to meet one of DR & LBR Gary's friends there.  Right now we will call him Ogden Bob.  Ogden Bob did us a huge, giant, incredible favor Tuesday night and we owe him Big Time.  It's a long story and a very good story, too, but it's too long to tell here.

Anyway, after we meet with Ogden Bob we're going to Ogden's Union Station for a long overdue visit there.
After that we will make our way into Salt Lake City to spend the night with Dear Friend Bryan B. in a beautiful old residential area near the U of U.  We may leave the following morning or we may not.  If we do leave Wednesday morning, we might still try to get to Circleville but we doubt it.  Chances are we will take our normal route south.  That part of the trip is up in the air, so to speak.  In any case, we would like to be in Rimrock no later than Friday.

This month is shaping up to be the month with the least fewest blog posts since we started this growing tome in January 2010.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp


Anonymous said...

Your going to love the Browning Firearms Museum,I'v stopped by a few times. Deano

stasea said...

YOur new do is very nice!! Pretty as always!!