Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The trees are going about their business now.  They are beginning to turn colors.  Some areas are becoming quite bright in their fall foliage.  Others are laggards.  We're less than three weeks from departure.  The peak of colors will undoubtedly occur while we are still here.  The leaves won't be dropping in time for us to deal with them.  We're going to "leave" that chore to others this year.  We'll find out next spring just how good of a job they did.  In the meantime, watching the annual Rite of Fall take place is one of the things that makes Idaho Falls so special.  It's as if the Midwest gets imported onto the Snake River Plain for a few weeks.  We become an oasis of showy color in a giant sea of pale sage green stretching far beyond the lion-maned barley stubble.  People here are now talking about whether we will have any good weather windows and, of so, how many there might be before the curtain drops and fall's finery disappears into another dusty Kodak moment gone by.  There's definitely going to be a few days this week when we can enjoy our local Great Outdoors.  We might even play golf on Friday--Susun, Carrie, Terry and me.  Meanwhile, there's shooting matches both days this weekend and (cross your fingers) the nice weather might even hold out for them.  More blustery fall weather is expected to return later Sunday.  That's the way it goes this time of year--wee windows of wondrous weather placed between periods of high wind, rain, freezing temperatures and all the rest of the nasty stuff that serves are a precursor for the onset of winter.

What happened to all of our City of Rocks photos?  Yikes!  There's so many of them, we are overwhelmed.  We will try to post up some of them but it's such a time-consuming chore.  We guess it's best simply to move on and hope we can get a "round to it" soon.  Meanwhile, it's back to the checklists and go-go for our GO on November 1st.  That's right.  We've picked a definite departure date--Tuesday morning, November 1.  The only thing that will keep us here is a serious snow storm or freezing rain on the interstate.  Otherwise, we're outta here.

Susun spent her morning at the dentist getting all sorts of marvelous new things done.  Too bad dentists don't have something akin to frequent smiler miles or whatever.  She's been so good about enduring all of the various procedures.  Nary a complaint has been heard from her throughout the protracted process.  Some would call it an ordeal but to Susun it appears it's just part of life and she goes on with a beaming smile to light her way.  Way to Go, Sweetie!

Susun hosted Dina for lunch yesterday.  The two covered lots of topics but the one of most interest to this blog is Hilda's Garden.  They will go meet with Delbert soon to see if they can plant a lot of tulip and daffodils before we leave.  There's no springtime color in that garden and some blooming bulbs would be a great addition.

Susun spent the evening with some of her other girlfriend's at Lee's house.  Apparently, the highlight of the evening was a dancing contest harking to Dancing With the Stars.  Oh, how the ladies love to dance!

Little Yonni spent the day running errands all across our fair city.  He spent the evening loading ammo for the upcoming shooting matches this weekend.  Today will be largely a mirror image of yesterday--lots of merely mundane meanderings.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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