Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Saturday ahead

As each of recent days have neared their beddie-bye end, we remark to each other, "Another nice day, eh?"  However, what actually transpired to make it a nice day?  Not much really.  We both have been out and about, doing this and that and presumably getting a lot of stuff done.  Such stuff is probably important to each of us but would bore the socks off anyone else.  One of our Arizona Friends calls it the "stuff of life." 

Playing golf the other day was a great highlight to this fine week.  Carrie & Terry are really fine golfing partners.  After our outing Thursday, Susun and I began a discussion on a new way to keep score: "Laughs Per Hole."  The person who generates the most laughs per hole wins.  We all shared a lot of great laughs that afternoon.

Susun has a busy day ahead and will be going to the season's first symphony tonight.  There's a new conductor at the helm and he received a real positive review in this morning's newspaper.  We're sure she will have a great time there in the Civic Auditorium.  The blog author doesn't do symphonies so we will be left to our own devices tonight.

So whazzup for Little Yonni?  Well, it's a shootenanny today.  It's what is called The IDPA Classifier.  The Classifier is normally staged only once a year.  The first classifier was held the weekend in June when we went out to the East Fork to visit Heather's Dream Ranch.  Luckily Doug McK., the IDPA Match Director, decided to conduct a second Classifier today.  Basically, participants shoot tightly choreographed "strings" of targets.  If your time is less than a certain level then you are classified according to various skill levels.  I will have to shot 90 rounds at the assortment of targets in roughly about three minutes in order to make at least the Marksman classification.  I will attempt to classify with three different pistols so that means we'll have to shoot 270 rounds total today.  We tuned up yesterday by shooting 300 rounds in practice for today's event.  Because of the length of the stages and strings, we will be out at the range for at least 5-6 hours today.  Long day!  And there will be another pistol match tomorrow, too. 

Spudboater put up a real nice post about her daughter's birthday.  You can click here to read it.

Well, in closing, we'd like to muse about something we saw at the WINCO Spa & Relaxation Center this week.  The exit area from this mega-grocery has several vending machines that are kid magnets.  They are the type of machines that have been around for decades.  Each machine is filled with a big pile of dolls, gee-gaws and all the sorts of goofy stuff that sends kids into a frenzy.  I've lost count of kids throwing fits in front of those machines. There's always some silly little thing inside that they just have to have or they go into tantrum mode.  We suppose you well know the type of machines we are describing.

OK, so we saw something in one of those machines this week that caused to laugh out loud and we've chuckling about it ever since.  It's an "Undersea Volcano."  No kidding.  A real, live Undersea Volcano.  You can push a button on it and it glows and rumbles and it acts like it's getting ready to spit out magma.  I kid oyu not.  Now, class, the question here is this:  What kind of a kid is going to glue his little runny nose to the window of this machine and throw a tantrum if he or she isn't allowed to attempt to win the Undersea Volcano?  Have we perhaps missed a new trend in childhood education?  Have Undersea Volcanoes somehow outpolled Justin Beiber?  When did Undersea Volcanos suddenly become the apple of the proverbial childhood eye?  I am really at a loss to determine anything at all about the popularity of Undersea Volcanoes in Kiddie Land.  Perhaps one of our LBRs know more about this than we do.  We sure would appreciate some insights into this puzzler.  And, in the meantime, heck, I might even drop in my quarter and try to fish me out my very own Undersea Volcano!

Many Cheers!  jp

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The Goatherder said...

I can verify the volcano deal. For some reason the best part of sixth grade science is always volcanos. My sixth graders could tell you about the formation of Iceland and the Mid Atlantic Ridge in great detail. Go figure.