Friday, September 23, 2011

This Spud's for you

Our dinner last night was a simple "one potato, two potato" deal.  The two potatoes (as shown in a blog post below) were whoppers and one apiece more than stuffed us to the gills.  They were easily, hands-down the best baked potatoes either of us have enjoyed in our entire lifetime.  We will have to resist the overwhelming temptation to bake and eat more of them.  Man and woman cannot live by potatoes alone, but they sure can try!

Spudboater wrote a really informative blog post about her trip to Great Basin National Park this week.  The trip took an unexpected turn almost the second she entered the park.  You can click here to read all about it.

Goatherder sent along a gripping tale about how a big ol' white horse and small female rider when mano-y-mano with a 700 pound grizzly bear to save an 8-year-old boy's life.  We sent the link out to about 50 folks on our email contact list.  We're including the link here in case you didn't get it yesterday.  Click here to read the story.  THANKS, GH!

Wayne Ranney banged out a blog post about his just-completed 10-day Grand Canyon river trip.  You can click here to read it.  Looks like the highlight of the trip were those incredible waterfalls he photographed up in Marble Canyon.  Great shots, Wayne!

Speaking of our favorite blogs, Kirsty is back to blogging again after a long sojourn on her Facebook.  Facebook is the bane of blogging--that's why we won't touch it with a ten-foot virtual stick.  It's sort of a stream of consciousness gig whereas blogging requires a different perspective and, yes, perhaps even a skill set.  Facebook people consider blogging to be soooo old-fashioned.  But I digress.  You can click here to read Kirsty's description of her return to blogging.  Meanwhile, any time you need your day brightened just go to her blog and kick back and enjoy Kirsty and her Family.  Thanks, Kirsty, for putting so much Heart & Spirit into your words and photos!

Terry M. and I enjoyed a quick round of kiddie golf yesterday.  That's one of the many things we both find enjoyable about the short course at Sand Creek--it's quick!  Terry is working on a book about his world travels.  He's been so many places it makes my head spin just to think of them all.  I will be reading his first two chapters today.  THANKS, TM!

I had a thought yesterday while doing the daily workout.  Jump into the Way Back Time Machine and rewind into your 20's or perhaps your 30's.  I seem to recall people of that age making various derogatory comments about treadmills.  They would compare their work to a treadmills and say things on a Sunday such as, "Oh, well, it's back to the treadmill tomorrow."  I'm sure I indulged in that type of commentary, too.  We all dreaded the treadmill-like aspects of our various chosen lines of work and career.  Perhaps we longed for our retirement years when we could finally be free of the treadmill.  Who could have known that retirement years would bring about a profound desire to actually PAY to get back on a treadmill again every day?  Hum....there's a great irony of life in that juxtaposition of time and space.  Well,whatever the case may be, I really do actually ENJOY working out on the treadmill.  Please stifle your guffaws when I say it is quite a lot of fun. Stop laughing, OK?

Well, we're scraping the BBQ again so it's time to stop this chatter and move on with the rest of our first fall day.  Many Cheers, jp

PS--It's been awhile since we printed the weekly blog stats.  Here they are from this morning:
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