Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September

And so it was that another most August month came to pass.  Susun and I play a game each month trying to be the first who wishes the other "Happy _____."  Since we both stayed awake until midnight last night, I beat her to the punch by wishing her "Happy September" at 12:01 am.  HA!  In any given year, it tends to be 50-50.  Sometimes I will simply forget that we've crossed the border of a new month.  It's a fun game--we highly recommend it.

This morning for the first time ever we decided to actually research the "meaning" and trivia associated with a month.  Bet you didn't know, for example, that September 1st is Independence day in Uzbekistan!  Or that early Anglo-Saxons called the month Gerstmonath or barley month for the crop usually being harvested then. Try that one out on your friends and family.  I had no idea that September always--every year--starts on the same day of the week as December.  Who knew?  Who cared?  You can find all sorts of mind-numbing trivia about September on Wikipedia by clicking here.  That's where we found the cool 1930's WPA poster shown here. But be careful, you might bore yourself to death.

While we are on the subject of generic topics, let's take a look at Virgos, shall we?  September it the month we typically associate with this erstwhile astrological sign.  Technically, Virgo covers August 23 through September 22 but most people (ourselves included) simply lump all Virgos into September regardless of their actual birthday.  As chance would have it, we probably know more Virgos than any other sign.  That means September is a very busy time for sending out birthday cards and singing Happy Birthday over the cell phone.  Virgos are an interesting lot.  Today, in honor of our large squad of Virgo friends, we decided to sing their praises.  We studied a few online descriptions of Virgos and summarized their best points.  We conveniently deleted their so-called weaknesses.  Afterall, this is a positive blog so anything negative is permanently banned.  Therefore, at least on this blog, Virgos have no negative traits--they are all good.  OK, here we  GO VIRGO!

A Virgo is analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise. A Virgo's attention to detail is without peer! They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done.  People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They are truthful, loyal and determined.   Virgo's recommendations are only to make your life better. Virgos are very intelligent, they have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind. This makes them good investigators and researchers.  Virgos are very good at problem solving, this is what they do best.  If they are confronted with a problem, they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. They are rational thinkers and they keep the world in order. Before a Virgo undertakes anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more. This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, They are pure and their motives are honest.   Ah, Virgos!

(Disclaimer:  We are NOT touting Virgos to the exclusion of the 11 other astrological sun signs.  It just seems that way.  Don't worry, maybe we will begin a monthly tradition of listing all the really nice things about every sun sign.  You will have your day.)

And since we are stuck in a rut of trivia here, how about this factoid.  This blog post is the 1002nd  since we fired this puppy up on January 1, 2010.  Our internal blog dashboard counts every post, even if it was deleted or moved to a different location.  Perhaps a couple dozen past posts were deemed unsuitable for family consumption and were taken off  The Daily News.  Anyway, yep, we've written over 1,000 posts in 20 months--that's a precise average of 50 per month.

Yesterday was a very interesting day and involves a lengthy and complicated story we aren't yet at liberty to tell here.  It involved a very big chunk of the day and it is a story you will surely enjoy.  Hopefully, we can tell the story tomorrow. 

Susun's back is still out of sorts but it is better than it was.  She's able to move more freely if she is careful in how she moves.  Thank You for all your kind wishes and inquiries about her condition.  Your concern is most appreciated.

Little Yonni's Big Project of the early part of the day was the annual eradication of the hollyhocks.  They are all gone.  Why so early?  Our recent heat wave caused them all to go to seed much earlier than normal.  Holly hocks have a seed pod that basically explodes and sends seed every which way.  That's how they can take over an area and why local gardeners don't like them.  They can easily choke out everything in a vegetable garden if you give them the chance.  The best defense against hollyhock hegemony is a good offense.  Attack early and take no prisoners.  Anyway, they are all gone.  It always looks so naked when the garden is stripped of those beautiful flowers and stems.

Last night's final match of the summer was a complete hoot 'n' shoot.  The Post-Register sent their Alpha Photographer Monte LaOrange and Ace Reported Rachel Cook to report on the event.  More people showed up last night than any other evening this summer.  Afterwards, the club held its legendary annual drawing and that aspect of the evening lasted well into pitch black darkness.  We had no idea just how extravagant this drawing would be.  The club gave away hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.  Top prize was a pistol easily worth $500.  Second prize was a $300 gift certificate.  And, get this, club honchos made certain EVERYBODY in attendance got a prize.  They were absolutely lavish.  We walked away with three prizes worth over $50 total.  People clapped and cheered for each other's prizes no matter how small or large.  Everyone was all smiles and in a unusually festive, congratulatory mood.  We were very proud of our shooting last night and thoroughly enjoyed the drawing that followed.  It was a great event.

After we came home, Susun had the courtyard all lit up and we enjoyed a fine time well into the evening.  About the time we were preparing to go inside, our neighbor Kenyon showed up and the rebooted the party.  That's why we were up until midnight.  Kenyon can be a one-man party all by himself if he's in the mood he was last night--much like Karen was last Friday night.  It was great.  He was on a roll and we just kicked back and let him go.  Anyway, that's why we're writing this blog post so late in the morning.  Us oldsters ain't the night owls we once wuz as young'uns.

Well, we've clearly rambled and meandered far afield this morning.  That's how it goes sometimes here.  Thanks for tagging along.  Have yourself a Merry Little Thursday and Welcome to September--it's gonna be a mighty fine month.  Many Cheers, jp


Marti Spudboater said...

Well Yonni, I'm a Virgo. You probably knew that based on my charm, directness, attention to detail, research and memory like an elephant.We Virgos work hard and play hard. And I reckon the reason there are so many of us is simply because the onset of winter led our parents to find ways to turn up the heat, so to speak.

Speaking of heat, don't gloat too much about the recent cooler weather. By the weekend it will be back to 92 to 95 in Boise from the mid 70's today. It was fall like first day of September at 42 degrees at Highlands Homestead. The hens didn't seem to mind, however.

The Goatherder said...

Count me among the Virgos too, but I'm the outlier. Slack of mind and discipline, slothful and morose. Given to misplacing, forgetfulness and poor planning. A shambling wreck blundering his way through this plane. Pigpen made flesh. Maybe I'm "the exception that proves the rule".

Or not. I don't like that old saw very much. It implies that for any given rule, exceptions can always be neglected, and a truth is all the truer if it is sometimes false. Nonsense.

siegfried said...

I have two kids who are Virgos and they fit that description to a "T"!!
Dave E.