Friday, September 30, 2011

End of Year

Well, not exactly.  Today's the end of the federal fiscal year which is a big deal to some people.  It's also the end of what's called The Water Year.  Bean counters who tally water drops can balance their books today, slap each other on the back and get ready for the New Year that begins tomorrow.  October is one of Susun's favorite months.  It was once her top favorite month but that was before we moved to Idaho.  Now, almost any month up here is her favorite month.

DF & LBR Terry M. and I had a great round of golf on the Sand Creek Short Course yesterday.  We actually played our best games of our golf far.  Terry made par on three holes and we on two.  We each had several of those type of golf shots where the ball goes way up in the air just like those balls do on TV's Golf Channel, except there was no gallery murmuring in the background.  Ah, well, anonymity has its own rewards.

We're making some real progress on checking things off our humongous check list.  We've actually already scheduled such things in Arizona as: reconnection of internet, newspaper and trash collection.  Scintillating stuff, huh?  Today will be more of the same.  Find something on the checklist, do it, and then check it off.

James Ward Brykit (JWB) died in Flagstaff on Sunday, September 25.  He was 80 years of age.  We learned the news during Happy Hour in a voicemail from Sedona's Jim Bishop.  (Click here for JWB's obituary.)
We were actually quite saddened by the news but managed to rally up and carry on.

If not for JWB, I have no idea how my life would have played out over the past 30 years.  It could even be a reasonable (and also arguable) hypothesis that if not for JWB, I would have never met Susun and wouldn't now be in Idaho.  When I look back over my adult years, I can count only a very, very few people whose influence truly changed my life. JWB was one of them.  Last night I pondered writing a long memorial to JWB, explaining how he changed my life.  This morning I've decided not to go there, fearing perhaps that to put those thoughts into words would make me sad once again.

Today I wish to celebrate JWB for the outstanding and exceptional human being he was.  For all who knew and worked with him, JWB added entirely new dimensions to those immortal words "Happy Trails!"  We know now that Jim Brykit is safely ensconced in Heaven, he has already successfully petitioned God and St. Peter to be Heaven's Official Trail Historian.  JWB will busy himself traveling all over Heaven documenting and describing the many Happy Trails that surely await us all there.  When we show up at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will ask us if we want a copy of  "Jim Brykit's Trail Guide to Heaven."

Besides old, historic, forgotten trails, Jim's true passion was the Verde River and Verde Valley.  He was born and raised in Jerome where his Dad was Superintendent of the giant copper mine there.  JWB grew up with history in his blood  and "all things Verde" etched in his heart.  It was Jim Brykit who put us on that fateful path to devote the prime of our adult life to "saving the Verde River."  Without his impetus and encouragement, we seriously doubt that would have happened.

I choose to remember Jim Brykit when we was at the top of his game, master of his many skills, storyteller supreme, motivator, matchmaker and inspiration to all.  You are missed, My Friend, but know that your legacy and heritage will live forever back there in the green pastures of the Verde Valley.  You are a rare one who truly made a difference in our world, Mister Byrkit.  Thank You and HAPPY TRAILS FOREVER!

Have a great Friday & Many Cheers, jp

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