Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Saturday ahead

OK, Back to the future.  This weekend will be pretty busy.  We're looking forward to the Farmers Market this morning.  This time of year is the peak of the small garden harvest.  There should be a glut of fat, ripe tomatoes and other hot season plants.  We plan to ride our "new" bikes to market today.

This afternoon, a neighbor is hosting a block party.  Most everyone who lives nearby has been invited and plans to attend.  It's a Norman Rockwell kind of thing.

At 5:30 this afternoon, the Idaho Falls Symphony will stage their annual free concert in Freeman Park.

Somewhere in between all those fine events, we hope to get the yard mowed and do a bunch of homeowner chores.

Tomorrow we're going on an early morning hike in the Tex Creek drainage with Bill and Karen S.  The jaunt will be somewhere in the 3-5 mile range so we ought to be able to hold our own on a flat land hike of that length.

Monday is the September meeting of the Parks & Recreation Commission.  It's being held at the zoo so that ought to be real interesting. Terry M. and I will present our recommendations for the Memorial Drive Project.

Last night late I wrote up a recollection of our experience on September 11th, 2001.  You can click here to read it if you wish to do so.  If any of our LBRs wishes to recount their experiences that day, email them along and we will place them on that blog we created last night.

Wayne Ranney added a note on his blog two days ago about the 100th Anniversary of the Kolb Brothers famous Colorado River trip.  You can click here to read it.  Thanks for reminding us, Wayne.

The fall Golfing Season is upon us.  We are already making plans for one or more outings next week.

Well, that's about all the news we can muster up this morning.  Have a great Saturday and Many Cheers!  jp

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