Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vicarious river tripping

All of our Dear Loyal Blog Readers know how much we care ab out rivers.  Susun and I have river water in our blood.  We truly love being near or on a river.  However, if we can't actually be ON a river, the next best thing is enjoying someone else's river trip vicariously.  So far this year, we've enjoyed The Spudboater's Middle Fork trip; Josh's Upper Grand Canyon trip and a couple of Bryan's trips. (Hopefully Bryan will send some of the just-completed Middle Fork trip.)  Wayne Ranney is deep in The Grand Canyon leading a geology river trip there as we write this.  We know he will write a great blog about it next week.  Well, the photos below helped us enjoy yet another trip vicariously.

You will remember last summer about this time Susun and I were involved in mapping that 125 mile stretch of the Salmon River between Squaw Creek and North Fork, Idaho.  We were volunteering for the Challis BLM back then.  Our Supervisor was (is) Jeff C. there at the BLM.  He's totally "into" rivers, too.  He lives to get a permit on a wild river.  Believe it or not, he was drawn for the Middle Fork on July 7th in this high water year.  We've been swapping some emails with Jeff about the Salmon River Recreational Guide volunteer project and the topic came about about enjoying river trips vicariously.  We told Jeff that if he sent a couple of photos it would greatly help the process.  So, here they are.  That's Jeff and his wife, Emily, in the top photo.  They are running Marble Creek Rapid in his tricked out AIRE cataraft.  Jeff took the photo below of his friend Vinny in Rubber Rapid. SWEET!
THANKS, Jeff, we really appreciate these photos! Enjoy.

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