Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silly Boy

OK, there's an old saying that "only newcomers and fools" try to predict the weather.  Well, I have the "fool" part down pat.  And we've only been here four years so we're relative newcomers.  So, we have our bases covered and are totally qualified.  We proved it once again by making a statement a couple of days ago that it was highly unlikely we would see another 90 degree day here.  WRONG!  Today's high temperature is now tied for the second hottest day of the entire summer.  We reached 94 degrees at 4 pm just as the ducks cascaded out of the giant flying dumpster.  July 18 saw the high (so far) of 95 degrees and July 24 was 94, same as today.  So that makes the grand total of 90+ degree days here FIFTEEN for the summer.  So far.  I'm going out on a limb and say that pigs will fly before we get another 90 degree day this year.  OK?  Now, cue the newcomers and fools cliche to a rising swell of the Twilight Zone theme song.

Hey, here's a diversion early this evening.  Just about two years ago right now I had to go out to Arco for some esoteric gig relating to my recent job.  I was bored senseless and made a slide show.  Somehow when I mentioned the words Twilight Zone in the paragraph above, it reminded me of that slide show.  We weren't doing a blog back then so very few LBRs have seen this classic slide show.  It's timeless and it doesn't even matter that it's already two years ago.  it's like a fine wine--it only gets better with age.  Enjoy! (Click here if the slideshow won't load to view one-by-one.)

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The Goatherder said...

An uncharacteristically "arty" slideshow. I love it. Please do more!