Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Set Back

Susun tweaked her lower back yesterday and she's barely moving.  We're hoping it will get better soon.  The last time she buggered her back she was down for only a week or two.  Once a few years ago, her back didn't get better for many weeks.  The only thing we know that helps her heal is plenty of rest, very little movement and lots of love.  We know you all wish her well and your healing thoughts are like a tonic to her.
Luckily, she went to the dentist before she tweaked her back and got a nice new crown installed.  It looks great and she is very happy with it.

Not much going on.  Mowed the lawn.  Big whoop.  Actually, since we poured on the grass food not long ago, the lawn thinks it's found the turf version of the fountain of youth.  What's left of our corn survived yesterday's blustery winds.  The sunflowers simply yawned.

Our heat streak has waved adios and we're gonna cool off for good now.  The weather service says high alpine valleys will be well below freezing by Thursday.  Goodbye summer, hello fall.

Gary has a big first day of hiking.  That's what the photo above is all about.  He carries a thingie called a SPOT.  It's one of the coolest pieces of technology we've ever seen.  We will be able to track Gary's hike in the Sawtooth Wilderness practically step-by-step as it unfolds.  You can click here to learn about SPOT.

Speaking of hiking, we might be going on a hike September 11th if Susun's back to the future, so to speak.  Neighbor Bill S. has offered to take us out on Tex Creek that day.  It would be a fine and fitting way to spend the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  Bill and his wife, Karen, are avid day hikers.  Below is a photo of a little known nearby canyon they explored a couple of days ago. (More comments below Bill's photo.)
We sent a little something to Joshua Sunday and worked with Goatherder yesterday processing about 80 megabytes worth of photos from Josh's recent Grand Canyon trip.  We've ordered two 20x30 collage prints to send to Josh today.  Below is the first one we made yesterday.  Believe it or not, Sam's Club only charges five bucks for one of these prints.  Heck, that's danged near free.  Well, that's all folks!  Many Cheers, jp


The Goatherder said...

Since my back is basically pieces of chalk supported by flattened whoopie cushions, I know how Susun feels and send best hopes for speedy recovery. There are two things I can't stress enough. First, those stick on heat pads you get at the pharmacy help a lot. Second, if you can find an inversion table in a gym somewhere or borrow or rent one, do it. I love my Teeter Hang Ups and it will get me moving when my back goes out. I'd hate to do without it. Whiskey helps too ;-)

Marti Spudboater said...

John: Give Sista Susun my best. I swear by and at my chiropractor. And goatherder's rec about the heat pad is golden. There is no reason to be miserable for two weeks. A chiropractor or good massage therapist can really help. And shoulder stands (like a head stand but on your shoulders) can really help realign things. A stationary version of the Goats teeter hang ups. Best wishes. Give her vodka tonics, too.