Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! NO! It's Flying Pigs!

I was out west of town at 6 pm yesterday when one of the members of the shooting club shouted out--LOOK!  We all turned with eyes to the sky and, LO, over above a neighboring alfalfa field--there they were--the dreaded Flying Pigs.  Oh Boy, as Hank The Cowdog would say, Oh Boy indeed.  Well, we are now searching for a crow to eat today for lunch.  Turns out the temps just kissed the 90 degree mark for perhaps a few minutes at 6 pm yesterday.  Nevertheless, the fidgety pigs had been practicing for just such an occasion and they burst into the air upon the delightful news that it was 90 degrees once again.  Meanwhile, the blog author attempted without luck to find a hole to crawl into.  Them darn pigs!

As you can see from the official temperature graph below, it wasn't like it was 90 degrees for very long.  It simply had to be Flying Pig Karma.  Dang it.  Well, let's move on to other fun stuff now.  OK?  OK.
First off, how can we resist putting photos of Miss Susun here on the blog?  We can't resist.  Besides, her daughters love them as much as Susun loves seeing photos of her grandsons.  It's a Family Thing.  Susun was having her typical "Smile Time" at Habitat For Humanity yesterday.  The guy in the photo is Shawn.  He's the new manager of the ReStore.  Karen L. snagged a big grant to hire Shawn for three years.  The idea is that a dedicated ReStore manager will increae cash flow to a point where the retail operation can actually help subsidize construction of additional Habitat Homes here in River City and its neighbors.  So far, Shawn is getting great reviews and he's talked with us about volunteer recognition ideas.  Anybody who cares enough about their volunteers to discuss how to recognize them scores high with us.
'Twas a very busy day for pistol shooting sports.  We finally took delivery on our new Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm at 12:50 pm.  We were out at our home on the range to test it out at 1:50 pm and then back into town by 3 pm.  We decided to change all our plans and use the new pistol in the match last night.  The Match Director loaned us two competition magazines and we were off and running.  The pistol performed perfectly, however, the pistol operator still needs some more practice.  Meanwhile, Shonda and Matt Q. arrived at the range on Matt's fine motorcycle.  They stayed for three full stages and talked with a lot of the participants.  it was wonderful having them visit and we made some tentative lunch plans for late summer. THANKS, Shonda & Matt.
Today's a "regroup" day.  With any luck at all, we will make more headway on sealing the courtyard fence and other pesky chores here.  The next few days promise to be quite interesting.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp


Marti Spudboater said...

I met Shawn when I was in the store with Susun and he's a great guy and doing a great job!

stasea said...

Mom is an expert at thrift stores too!! She can arrange anything to make it look like a professional designer did it!! that store is LUCKY!!!