Thursday, August 18, 2011

GO Cougs!

Time once again Sports Fans for our annual testimonial to how much We Love The BYU Cougars!



Yeah, there's a ba-zillion sports teams of all kinds out there.  They range the gamut from professional MLB baseball to NFL football and everything in between.  But there is only one COUGS!

Why do we keep coming back to The Cougs?  Because they play with honor and dignity.  They play for the pure Love Of The Game.  Each and every player has to sign an Honor Code agreement.  If they violate this code, they are automatically removed from the team.  BYU doesn't just recruit young men from the LDS Faith.  Nope, they recruit any capable athlete who is willing to prove up and sign their Honor Code and be true to his Faith.

BYU is the LAST college team left standing that adheres to Old School Values.  Every other team in American has sold out for the Almighty Dollar.  This year BYU is going its own as an Independent.  As such, they face an impossibly tough schedule.  They open up against Ole Miss and Texas in AWAY games. Yikes!  And then they come home to face arch-rival Utah in their very first home game.

If that's not what we rubes call a "tall order," then we don't know what is.

I am PROUD to be a BYU Cougars fan.  VERY PROUD!  I am proud of their players and their fans. I am proud of their coaches and their administration.  They personify to me what college football SHOULD be all about but somehow got forgotten on the unholy road to the Money Grail.

As long as BYU football exists, I am a Happy Camper.  As Brigham Young said so well himself back in 1847--This Is The Place!



Kirsty said...

What an awesome testimonial! I may have to start paying attention tongue Cougs myself. I do respect how tough it must be to insist that players stick to the honour code especially when a great talent messes up :( and has to leave the team. As always I just love your enthusiasm for anything "of good report" (Phillipians 4:8-9)

Kirsty said...

That should read "to the Cougs" -autocorrect being too helpful!