Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sun Day

Gotta love these summer mornings.  The wind may blow later in the day but the mornings are delicious summer morsels to be savored with coffee and a fresh newspaper, too.  Yesterday's high was 87 and the overnight low 48 degrees.  That's about what it's supposed to be during Roger's impending visit--80's and high 40's.  Perfect.

We enjoyed a nice visit to the Farmers Market. This time of year it's always so colorful and swarming with people.  People are carrying away bulging bags brimming with leafy vegetables or hanging baskets overflowing with flowers.  'Tis a scene that would make Norman Rockwell proud. 

As expected, the remainder of the day was a Chore Boy slog.  Most of it was tied up in a hand-to-hand tussle with a balky electric weedeater.  The weedeater won yesterday's battle but lost the war.  We're tossing it in the trash and will buy a new one today.  Bye, bye!  Some mechanical devices in life are such a hassle.  Old weedeaters easily make the short list of such devices.  Perhaps there should be a warning on them when you buy them.  It might say something such as: "WARNING-Use of this weedeater after the third season may result in serious frustration or even terminal aggravation."  Horrid things, those weedeaters.

We received some great news yesterday.  Our Local Roger, he who runs the daily newspaper here, agreed to judge the Clayton Heritage Days Chili Cookoff.  Roger has a great eye for humanity and we're sure he and his wife, Kathleen, will thoroughly enjoy the unique slice of Americana they call Clayton, Idaho.  THANKS, Roger!

Today we will be immersed in much more mundane-e-monium--tackling a lengthy list of chores best left unmentioned here.  On the bright side, we will be going out to teh shooting range early this afternoon.  It seems we have sold a pistol that's been advertised locally for quite some time.  A guy came by yesterday and agreed to pay for it today out at the range.  We shall see.  In other Big shooting news, Tom B. finished our custom 1911 and it will be shipped up here this week.  That's huge.  We made a deal for him to undertake this project way back in September 2009 when he swung through for a visit.  It's an heirloom legacy masterpiece of top notch pistolsmith craftmanship.  THANKS, Tom!

We are both enjoying a stay-at-home summer.  Last summer we were on the go all the time spending 50 nights in a tent and driving hither and yon seemingly every week.  Our time last year in Idaho Falls was all about redigging the most recent trip and resupply and rigging for the upcoming trip.  We didn't really have a chance to smell the roses last year.  It was go-go-go.  This year is the polar opposite of last year and we are savoring each day here in Idaho Falls.  One of the many reasons we picked this city to live is that we knew it would be a wonderful place to stay at home all summer if we ever chose to do so.  Well, this is the first chance we've had to test out that theory and it's working out just the way we thought it would.

Have a great Sun Day!  Cheers, jp

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Marti Spudboater said...

Here's my high five to staying home in a great town. I slept in rather than get up at o'dark thirty to drive to Stanley for a day river outing on ice cold water. That dry suit will keep itself warmin the boat shed, and I'll just hop on my bike and head down to the Boise River greenbelt instead.

Looks like our chile judging soire is off. That's okay. I"m also spending my gas money wisely, which means it will likely be to head closer to your direction when I have time to try out the Toyota/Bandit potential boaterhome of my father in law and see if I really want to keep the thing.

Happy Sunday, the dryland spudboter