Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yep, 'twas 95 here today.  It reached that level at 6 pm.  It's pulled back to the low 90's now.  It's really nice to be HOT for a change.  When we lived up on The East Fork, it would get hot.  We would talk to the local people and they would say, "Gee, this is great, we love the heat--we look forward to it each year.  It's so brief."  Well, guess what?  We finally know what they meant when they said that stuff.  This heat is great and it feels wonderful after all the cold and cool weather we have been having.  I actually stayed out in it for four full hours in the direct sun.  It's one of the first times in our modern history that hot heat has felt so danged GOOD!  Who knew?
Cheers, jp

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The Goatherder said...

Glad you're getting a taste of summer. 108 here today. You could see the haze of humidity in the sticky air at 6 a.m. with 72 degrees. The storms finally started popping and I watched the temp go from 108 to 97 in 5 minutes. No rain but it cooled off nicely this p.m. I'm afraid our 55 degree mornings are history. What's with the word verification on comments?