Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome Samantha & Samson

Lo and behold, we travel up to Salmon River Country and come home with two new Family Members: Samantha and her ever faithful watch dog, Samson.
Samantha and Samson have been Natalie's Babies for many years. Here, Natalie, Stephen and Trevor say goodbye to the pair as they prepare to head off to a new home in The City.
We drove Samantha straight from the banks of the Salmon River near the mysterious site of The Lost Dwarfs of Tunnel Rock to The Falls of Idaho Falls. Samantha looked so good there as 23,000 cfs plunged over the falls.
Samson was very pleased to have a change of scenery. Although he's enjoyed country living for many years, he's now excited to sniff out new horizons in the bustling hub-bub of River City.
Here, Samantha and Samson meet SuziQ. SuziQ is happy to have a partner again but she's a little perplexed at being kicked out of the garage so Samantha and Samson can have it all to themselves. Samantha and Samson (S 'N' S, for short) are going to be the City Counsins while SuziQ will get to enjoy the rough and tumble life as the Country Cousin.

We are very happy to welcome S & S into our Family and wish to say a HAPPY THANKS to Natalie and Stephen for caring so well for Samantha. She's in a nice new home now.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp


The Goatherder said...

As there is only One Bear, One Tomato, One Deer, One Whale; so there is only One Samurai, and he is manifesting himself to you once again....or maybe I've been reading too much Alan Watts....anyhow, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

We were saving her for the two of you!
Enjoy! ~Nat & Steve