Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog backlog

Perhaps we need a flog for the lack of blog lately. Our last post was Monday and here it is Friday. What happened to a WHOLE WEEK? Yikes. Well, for starters, we can use the "very busy" excuse. And then we can throw in the "internet down" excuse. Finally, we can play the "lazy" card. Add 'em up and what you saw it what you got--nothing all week long. Sorry 'bout that.

The "internet down" excuse is real. We had a corroded connection outside the house and it took Cable One until the end of the second day to fix it. We were gone until 10 pm that night so there went two days--POOF. Yesterday, we had to get to a dental "consultation" by 8:15 and then the day proceeded to be insanely busy once again. Each day this week has been crazy busy. At the end of each day we think, "How could it have been that busy today and yet we still have a long list of undone stuff?" It's kind of strange, actually, especially since I can't quite remember all of what we both did all week long. It must be age-related.

Tuesday I remember a dental appt. and a great round of golf with Terry M. and then a million errands until Happy Hour arrived. Wednesday was all about Habitat for Humanity for Susun and shooting sports for me. Since the dental "consultation" took the better part of the morning, Thursday was just another blur afterwards and now it's Friday. What did we do Monday? Hum....guess we forgot already. Meanwhile, we've managed to squeeze in a lot of stuff regarding the new Samurai--stuff like a new clutch (ouch!) and much more. Susun's been off to her athletic club several times this week and enjoyed a great lunch with Kris, too. She prepared a fine dinner for her friend, Jan, as well, and has spent at least half the week messing with her landscaping.

Meanwhile, we still haven't managed to post up details about last week's trip. Sometimes when we get this far behind, we just throw up our hands and wipe the slate clean and start all over from scratch. It's beginning to look like that's what we will do again. There's a ton of stories pending here that are now at risk of remaining forever untold. Oh, well, that's the way it goes sometimes.

We trust you've been having a series of great days and will enjoy many more. CHEERS! jp

PS--Spudboater posted up about her Middle Fork trip--GREAT BLOG POST!  Click here to read it.
Here are the stats.  Readership was down this week because we didn't post anything all week long.  bear in mind we put up this counter last June 19, so what you see is finally a full year's worth of visitor and page view statistics.  Pretty amazing!  Thanks, LBRs and Visitors, for giving us motivation to keep writing this blog.  Your readership is much appreciated.

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Maggie said...

I always wondered how you found the time to blog every day. Now I see it was part of Parsons Time, Welcome to RTZ (reality time zone).