Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When a Tuesday becomes a Monday

The Tuesday after every Monday holiday is actually a functional Monday disguised as a Tuesday.  So, if today behaves like a typical Monday, at least you will know why. 

There might be some weather relief in sight for us moss-backed tater heads.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be sunny with highs in the 60's!  Next weekend the temp might even crack 70 once again.  Yippie, skippee!  We're sure hoping Saturday will be a nice day when Susun rallies her volunteers to plant Hilda's garden.  Methinks there's going to be a lot of interest in helping plant stuff that day.

Speaking of Susun, she's been her Social Butterfly Self the last couple of days.  Sunday, she enjoyed a great dinner with Karen L. and two young women.  Yesterday afternoon, Rachel stopped by and the two went merrily off to Jan's for a little party of three.  We wonder what Susun will be doing today?  Down in Arizona, Susun's friends are mostly all many miles away.  Here, she can drive to visit each and all of them in less distance that it takes us to get to the McGuireville Exit in Arizona!

On our part, we spent yesterday continuing to assemble various esoteric stuff to begin to reload .38 Special ammunition.  We went out to Sportman's Warehouse and become so perplexed and dazed and confused by all the choices, we had to "Dial a Reloader."  Yep, we called up Dear Friend Tom B. and pleaded, "Tom, we're so overwhelmed, HELP!"  Tom walked us through everything over the phone and we were greatly relieved--both of confusion AND cash.

We are pretty close to having our entire target range gig complete.  It's real Type A, as you can imagine and we will spend another few hours messing with it again today.  We visited Harbor Freight three times yesterday so that made it a memorable Memorial Day.  On our first trip, we bought a $40 shop cart.  Naturally, there were at least almost 300 parts to assemble.  Honest, that's NOT an exaggeration.  Luckily, it only took a little more than an hour to put it all together and I didn't even have to dip once into my secret stash of creative cuss words.

OK, here's your daily water update.  From now until whenever we are going to put at least a paragraph into Da Blog on our water situation here.  The Snake continues to flow a little lower than last week's peak.  It's rushing along at 29,300 cfs this morning.  There's nothing upstream to indicate any sudden rise is in store within the next day or two.  However, the weekend storms once again increased the snowpack reports to a new high level for this winter season.  Two Ocean Plateau gained 1.5 inches of water content during the past 7 days and stands at 53.9 inches of agua.  Meanwhile, the temperatures are going to rise in the snowpack and the overnight lows are not going to dip below freezing.  That's usually when the action picks up so stay tuned, the curtain is about to rise on this is stage play.

Have a great last day of May and Many Cheers!  jp

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