Sunday, May 1, 2011

Susun's functionality is feng shui

Well, we both waited with baited breath and swallowed hard and did it today.  We switched Susun's old cell phone to a new cell phone and STILL kept her old number.  They call that "porting" the number to a new phone.  It was a mini-soap opera getting it all done.  But it's done.  She is SOOOO excited to have her new phone.  It's the same as mine--identical model and everything--we can even use the same charger.

She can now send and receive text messages both inbound and outbound for free.  She can take photos and send them, too.  We both get a combined total of 3000 minutes and/or texts a months now for a grand total of $60 plus tax and weird-o fees.  I think that's 2 cents a unit.  Pretty amazing.

Susun just received her first photo from Daughter Sarah and she was so excited she was jumping up and down like her Old Cheerleader Self.  We've taught her how to text on her own with no coaching and she has sent messages hither and yon with gleeful abandon.  We've customized her greeting screen with a photo of the daffodils in the blog post below.  We've ever set her up with an online account so she can edit and add to her contacts list and synchronize them directly to her phone.  I guess you could say she is totally wired, eh?  She now knows email, facebook, google and cell phones, too.  Pretty amazing for a Career Luddite who clung to 35 mm film like a life preserver in a Class V rapid.

For grins, we even taught her how to text to an email address and to receive texts from anyone's email address.  If you know her cell phone number as many of you do, use this protocol to send her a text from your email:

If you've forgotten those four "x'd" out digits, wing us an email and we will ship 'em off to you.  Don't use hyphens and be sure to put the "1" in front of the digit string.  Life is good!

Cheers, jp

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