Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

What are you going to be doing today?  This is a major American holiday, ya know? We think we're going to take a cue from today's cartoon strip of "Born Loser." Probably grill up some ceremonial chicken thighs.  We ware definitely flying our Flag today to honor all those who have fought in so many wars.  The freedoms we take for granted were first secured and have been preserved at great sacrifice.  May God forever Bless our Veterans and their Families!

Tomorrow we will have been here in Idaho for five full weeks.  We sure are ready for the gray days and cold, rainy weather to end.  Although it's not raining right now this morning, it's another battleship gray day.  At least this weather has been great for getting things done indoors.  We're both becoming über organized.

Well, what lies ahead?  Let's do a little thinking out loud here.  June has a habit of being a very fleeting month--it always seems to be over before it even seems to get started.  So, what are we going to do between now and July 4th--the next major beacon of a holiday?

Here are some things we would LIKE to do.  We might not actually be ABLE to do them but we sure would like to.

1) Visit Heather at the Dream Ranch sometime around June 14-19 when her Mom will be there.
2) Float the Blackfoot River from Government Dam to Morgan Bridge.
3) Camp in the Springfield area and explore the southeast end of Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument.
4) Go look at deep snow and big water someplace(s).
5) Visit City of Rocks before it becomes blazing hot.  (Yes, it WILL get hot one of these days.)

OK, we're done thinking out loud.

Moving right along, we checked in this morning on our Favorite Blogger: Kirsty S.  She writes the World Famous, Internationally Recognized Momedy blog.  Kirsty put up another great post yesterday.   You can click here to read it.  Kirsty sets a high bar for other bloggers.  Her posts are so full of energy, enthusiasm and spirit.  THANK YOU, Kirsty!!

Wayne Ranney's last blog post was a week ago.  It details his hikes down Cathedral Wash and up the Spencer Trail.  Ironically, we were within a few miles of each other then and didn't know it.  Wayne's due back from Hawaii any day now and we're sure his tropical trip will be blogged about very soon.  Click here to read Wayne's wanderings around the Lees Ferry area.

Goatherder is a wee bit behind in his blog.  He was sidetracked by son Joshua''s graduation this week.  GH did write a real nice blog post prior to the commencement of commencement.  You can click here to read it.

Spudboater is nearly a month behind in updating her blog.  Not that she doesn't have anything to blog about--she's just been real busy with other life stuff.  Anyway, here's hoping she puts up a post again soon. Speaking of life stuff, The Drewster has been swamped after taking extended maternity leave.  He knows he's way behind on the blog but it may be quite sometime before we read a new post from his neck of the woods.

People often ask how many blogs we actually "have."  We reply, "We don't know."  Our blogs are like feral cats--sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't but you know they are out there somewhere.  This morning, we thought it would be a real good exercise to actually try to herd cats and round up our blogs so they can be counted.  This may take awhile since, as we all know, herding cats is a rather "iffy" proposition.  Stand by and we will be back here by and by after taking a census of our blogs.

Many Cheers!  jp

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