Sunday, May 29, 2011

All's Well

Sunday Greetings this Memorial Day weekend!  There has been some concern expressed about the possible local flooding here.  Not to worry, we are VERY high and dry and don't have to worry about The Snake coming to our doorstep.  All's well.

Believe it or not, the snowpack continues to grow in The Snake headwaters.  Two Ocean Plateau rose again yesterday to its highest level of this water year.  The snowpack over there is a mind-numbing fifty percent pure water.  (53.3 inches of PURE water sitting up there!)  They are progged to get even more snow today and tonight.  It's crazy.

Yesterday actually turned out to be a nice day--light winds, no rain and pleasant temps.  We even wore a short sleeve shirt for a few hours before we had to go back to flannel and fleece in the evening hours.  Susun didn't buy any more plants because she doesn't have room anywhere to plant them.  Imagine that.  She did, however, get the garden ready for planting.  She also enjoyed a late afternoon workout with Friend Teresa and managed to whip up a party with her friends for Monday afternoon.  Never a dull moment in Miss Susun's life, eh?

I spent a lot of time messing with stuff, organizing the garage, the workshop and the basement.  Real mundane activities and totally unworthy of mention or description.  Today promises to be more of the same.

Well, have a great Sunday & Many Cheers!  jp

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