Friday, April 15, 2011

We're not listless here

Listless is an interesting word.  The Oxford Dictionary defines the adjective "listless" as "(of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm:bouts of listless depression."  The word listlessly is an adverb and listlessness is a noun.  Well, we're are definitely NOT listless here.  In fact, we're wondering WTH the word is for the antonym of listless.  We have an overabundance of lists.  What would that be?  Listfull?  We can't find it online.  Any ideas?

Lists pretty much rules our lives at times like these.  As we amp our our pace to prepare to head to Idaho, we make a new list every day, actually twice a day--once each morning and evening.  We're always so happy to cross something off any given list.  It's like a game only more fun because it means there's one less thing to do.  Evrytime we think we have made the final list, something else pops up and demands to be included on the next edition of our ever-evolving list.  We've always been "listers."  (We're guessing that one who makes lists is a lister.)  Note that we are occasionally listing, too.  That usually happens during Happy Hour.  But we digress.

Lists really do make a big difference in prepping for a major change of seasons and places.  We'd be lost without lists.

What's at the top of our list today?  Well, it's pretty much the same thing that's been up top for several days--BURN WEEDS.  The regional fire dispatch people have declared the last few days and "NO BURN" days.  You can get in big trouble if you violate a no burn day.  You'd definitely wind up in court, maybe even jail.  It would be costly and embarrassing.  The clock is ticking on when we can burn.  We're now down to only two days--today and tomorrow.  There's a windy front coming in Monday and Sunday is a forbidden burn day.  The wind next week is expected to blow for a few days and will undoubtedly blow us out of here, too.

Oh, how we hope to be able to burn today!  We can't spray our pre-emergent herbicide until we've burned so it's a pretty big deal here right now.  Most of the rest of the stuff on our lists can be done on a calm day or a windy day so it's no big deal.  But burning and spraying are definitely wind-dependent.  PLEASE!  No W-I-N-D today!

Yesterday, we went off to Cottonwood and sold some silver we brought back from Indiana.  It's pretty amazing that a dime from the 1950's is worth $2.70 each.  The Morgan silver dollars were worth $28 each.  Pretty amazing.  After returning, Susun sanded and oil our windows sills, I tarred the watershed roof and we pounded in five t-posts to prevent dirt bikes from coming up out of the wash onto our land.  There were a host of other little things we did yesterday and will undoubtedly do again today.  Yes, they are all on our list--how else could we possibly keep track of them?

Well, tie for the morning HAM radio ragchew (that's their word, not mine) so I better skeedaddle along now.

Have a great day & MANY Cheers, jp

PS--Roget's Thesaurus defines the antonym of listless as "active, alert, attentive, energetic, lively, untired."  We're pretty much all of that right now except for the "untired" part. 

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