Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Travel Day

Well, we're off again today.  It's been a little over 5 months here and it's been great.  We're now looking forward to getting set up back in Eye-Dee-Hoe.  But first, of course, we must meandering hither and yon for the next week.  Tonight we will be roosting near Marble Canyon and The Vermillion Cliffs at Susun Kliewer's Place.  She's going to have a hoop-dee-doo for Easter.  Several other people we know might make the trek up there, too.

With any luck at all, we will be able to get SuziQ out on some backroads up there.  Sunday or Monday we will go to Kanab and run the Skutumpah Road again.  It's a 10th Anniversary thing.  We may or may not try to do something out in the West Deserts of Utah.  If we do, it will probably be from a base in Beaver, Utah, and we'd probably go up and up Frisco Peak in Milford.  That remains to be seen.

Once we leave Kanab we might morph into the "let's go home" mode.  We have an invitation from BTB to stop by his place in Salt Lake.  If the magnetic pull of Idaho Falls isn't overpowering by then, we might take him up on that.  We pretty much have to get back to River City no later than next Friday as we need to contact the city to turn on our water and electricity and so forth.

Our blogging will be sporadic for the week--maybe non-existent.  We know there's good public internet at Kanab and, of course, at BTB's.  We doubt there's going to be accessible inet at Marble Canyon but ya never know.  This high dollar fly fishing guys may have insisted on getting access some place so they can email photos of their trophy trout to breathless fans back home.  So, we shall see.

We're going to swap Twitters with the river guide blog.  Our cell phone is set up to Tweet to that account.  So, when you see the Twitter at left, bear in mind none of the Tweets there make any sense whatsoever in the context of this blog.  They will soon, however.

Not much to say about all of our rigging and packing and so forth.  It's just like it's has always been--a typical blur.  We did get a chance to go visit with Tom B. and passed along a copy of our Dad's book.  Then we went to 35 minutes of the local HAM club meeting.  There were about 30 people there and it's a very active and engaged club.

Well, Cherrio!  For a change, we're going to wish ourselves something we normally wish upon others: Happy Trails & Many Cheers!

Have a great day, jp

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