Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

The Cubs-Royals game was great.  We entered the stadium a couple of minutes before the National Anthem and then went down to the HoHoKam Clubhouse for a free lunch with this Ho's.  We moved out into shaded seats near 3rd base and stayed until the seventh inning after someone sang the famous song.  The first string leaves the field after the sixth inning and then the scrubs take over.  We stayed until the Royals were up 10-3 over the Cubbies and ambled on out ourselves.  It was great fun watching all the Cubs fans and the general hub-bub of a MLB event.  'Twas definitely another Dear Diary Day.  If the slideshow won't load for you, click here. Below are two photos of beer vendors at the game--colorful and popular people indeed. 
Cheers, jp

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Wayne Ranney said...

Very nice photos and commentary. I felt like I was there!