Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taters on coals

It's 7:23 as I look at a clock.  We came back in from the evening campfire at 7 pm.  We washed up some taters and tucked them into the small 8-inch Dutchie and they are roasting on the leftover coals tonight.  They will make a great breakfast tomorrow morning with sunny-side-up eggs on top.

Um...YUM! (Indeed, they WERE very YUM!)

The wind laid down about 5 pm.  Prior to that it was C-O-L-D~!  Neither one of us thought there was a snowball's chance for a campfire tonight.  It was just too windy and COLD!  But the wind laid down and the temp stabilized in the mid-40's and, hey, that's TROPICAL!  We stayed out by the fire until the temp dropped to 25 degrees.  Although that sounds cold, it really wasn't.

It felt really good and bracing because there was no wind and we had a fine warming fire well built.  The fire did its job and we did our job---that is--to be fine fire connoisseurs and to lift a toast to a fire well done.  The fire reciprocated and kept us toasty warm.  How good is that?  VERY good.

Anyway, we stayed out for 2+ hours and now we have taters baking in a little baby dutch oven.  It's the same Dutchie I gave Susun for her birthday present 23 years ago.  Meanwhile, we are all snuggie warm wiggling our toes in little slippers inside The Straw House.

Life is Good!

Cheers, J&S

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stasea said...

ummm..40 degrees does not sound like the type if tropics I know!! let's add in the lack of humidity factor too!!