Sunday, February 20, 2011

Storm Update

(NOTE: We added two photos at the bottom of this blog post to show "Current Conditions" in Rimrock at 11:45 am.  There are some of the biggest snowflakes coming down I have ever seen. I am sure some of them are at least 2 inches in diameter.  They melt upon contact with the soil so it's impossible it get their photo.)

DF & LBR Maggie sent a photo of Izzy playing in their backyard snow in uptown Flagstaff. Along with the photo, Maggie said, "Izzy is having a great time.  Steve uses the snowblower in the front and then brings it THROUGH THE HOUSE to do the back porch.  When he starts it up once he reaches the back porch, Izzy went crazy, running all over the house.  Once she gets outside with him,she just tears around the yard like a 6 month old puppy should."

Looks like they got about a foot, plus or minus.  We have had .85 of an inch of rain so far here and it might reach one inch total with today's expected showers.  The NWS says the high country might get 2-4 more inches today and then the storm will be gone.  The next pulse come mid-week but is only expected to bring cooler temps and not much precip.  It's been hanging in the low 40's so far today.  We doubt it will get to 50.

Below is a photo Maggie sent of Flagstaff's "Current Conditions" about 10:45 Sunday morning.

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Marti Spudboater said...

That's a lot of snow! We could use that in Idaho, actually. Bogus Basin has gotten maybe a foot since Wednesday but Brundage and Tamarack up near McCall have gotten closer to two feet. The storms have gone south or north of us. The fog was so thick at Bogus today I bagged out after 6 runs. Zero visibility and I was getting vertigo. Back home to a crock pot of pot roast beef that will be turned into shredded beef for burritos. Having a nice glass of wine and getting ready to enjoy a new book I started.