Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birthday Wrapup

 Susun had a long-standing date for lunch with her Sedona Sisters. (l-r) Rosa, Betty, Gert, Beth and you-know-who.  Beth is such an awesome hostess.  She ALWAYS sets a perfect table!  Nichol took this photo and we wish we had a nice picture of her, too.  Sorry, Nichol.
 Rosa baked a cake for Susun and put those fake candles on it.  They don't blow out.
 Everyone enjoyed Susun attempting to blow out the candles and Nichol captured the action.
 Here's Susun's three 80-something Sedona Sisters, Gert (87), Beth (80) & Betty (89).  Each of them is SO YOUNG AT HEART & SPIRIT!  We love them so Dearly!  You are So Beautiful, Ladies!

Susun received a great phone call from Daughter Sarah and Grandson Gage actually wished "Mema" Happy Birthday for the first time.  Pretty awesome for an almost-three-year-old. While Susun was over in Sedona, she picked up our mail and found a great card from Daughter Stasea.  Stasea also sent an awesome long scarf that's "sooo Susun."  Thanks, Stasea, "ya dun good."
After Susun returned home late in the day, we decided to call off our evening campfire.  Tonight was only the 6th night out of 76 we have been here that we had to cancel the campfire.  At campfire time the temperature was 26 and the wind was blowing maybe 15 mph. Windchill was bone chilling and easily in the mid to low teens. (Today's high here was officially only 31--a rarity for this Arizona elevation.  It's been real cold here all day but, as we said, its' certainly better than the obvious alternatives being showcased elsewhere.  We have NOTHING to complain about!  So, hey, let's give thanks for 31 degrees--it was great!)

So, we made a campfire in the house by lighting our propane catalytic heater.  It's a roasty-toasty nicey thing to have on a bone cold night.  As we both peered into our computers, a knock was heard at the door. And who should appear out of the dark cold evening but Jodi A. herself.  She brought Susun her very first orchid.  Susun claims to have never had an orchid before tonight.  THANK YOU, Jodi!

The day has been filled with special surprises.  Maggie called and sang "When I'm 64" with such professional skill.  We were so impressed!  Nancy and Her Girls sent a great e-card. My Mom even called and sang her Happy Birthday, too.  There's been some VERY special blog comments. We appreciate them so much.  Thank You, Dear Friends, for making this a wonderful day filled with extra special cheer.

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