Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zuki de jour

Our Project of The Day today was flushing the radiator and putting in a new thermostat and temperature sensor. It took several hours but it's all back together and the temp gauge finally works. The whole system was much cleaner than I suspected so it won't need a new (or reconditioned) radiator. That's nice cost-saving news today. Thanks to Susun, everything went smoothly because she spotted a great plastic tub at Harbor Freight last Wednesday evening. It's normally used for mixing concrete but, in this case, it captured all of the waste antifreeze, flushing chemicals and stray fluids and none of them went into the soil!

Today's another Big Day because we finally got some long overdue electrical work done. We now have a dedicated circuit for the well pump and a new GFI plug box for the power tools. We met a great local electrician yesterday and he's going to be just the right guy to put in the 30 and 50 amp RV hookups for Nancy McC. and others who might visit in their Big Rigs. Ray's also gonna solve all the wiring problems in the pop-top camper. Get this, he only charged $30 labor to do the wiring job today--we had budgeted $150 labor!

Half past noon here, I'm real happy to have the Zuki's cooling system back to feng shui. It's been a vexing issue but it's history now.

Time for errands once again. Cheers, jp

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