Monday, January 31, 2011

Wrapping up January

We're gonna wrap up January now and put it in storage.  'Tis time to get ready for February.  Today marks our 75th day here--that's 2.5 months.  Here's an interesting way to look at it.  We arrived back in Idaho on April 30 last year.  Our 75th day there was July 14.  Even though we think we've been busy down here, we both think were were a LOT busier during those first 75 days up there.

The end of January is Big on Birthdays.  Yesterday was my Mom's birthday.  Today is teh birthday of Susun's beloved Mom, Doris.  Susun's b-day will be Wednesday.  Suzanne S. celebrated her birthday January 29 and Maria Elena had hers January 28.  What is it about all these female birthdays all happening within less than a week of one another?

Dear Friend Lin M. came to visit yesterday.  Susun and Lin had a fine time while Little Yonni played with his GPS.  Lin's had a tough "go" of it lately and we pray her future will become much better real soon.

Speaking of GPS, Stasea made a blog comment that translates those letters into "Glorious Places to See."  We both like that a lot and have adopted her translation.  Thanks, Stasea!  We made significant strides on translating our river data into usable maps.  You can click here to see the result(s).  Much remains to be done, especially on our photo log of Friday's trip.  The trip itself only took 3 hours.  We suspect processing the data will be at a 3:1 ratio.  In other words, we will probably spend 9-10 hours messing with data collected in a mere three hours.

Susun painted my shed over the past two days.  She finished up yesterday just before Lin arrived.  It's looks wonderful, Honey.  Blessed is the woman who would paint a man's shed!  THANK YOU!

Our project was to tear down the rack that held the camper shell and restore the area of some semblance of order.  Since the shed sported a fresh coat of paint, we decided we might as well organize the inside of it (again).  It always amazes me how quickly a Guy Shed can devolve into utter chaos.

Our campfire was quite nice.  We thought the wind might be too stiff. Nope.  It was a pleasant little fire and kept us thoroughly entertained for almost 2 hours.  The Spudboater has put up a new blog post about her indoor campfire (AKA: Fireplace).  You can click here to read it.

Our extended blog-o-sphere has been pretty quiet.  Wayne's last post was January 18.  Goatherder's last post was the day after Christmas.  Kirsty continues to be a shining beacon of inspiration for us, as always.  We even made a comment on her latest blog post.  Click here to visit her awesome blog.

Today's kind of a "free day."  We had plans to tackle another portion of the Verde River for the guide project.  However, we're facing potential hypothermic conditions today, especially if we flipped the canoe, so we canceled the trip.  What to do?  Well, there's a set of Zuki tires beckoning down in Phoenix.  We might just have to go buy them--five wheels and four good stout mud & snow tires for $150!!  Time will tell and we shall see, as they say.

Cheers!  jp

PS--We're put up 51 blog posts this month.  The total might rise if we get to writin' again later.  That's about "par" for any given month.  Last January we put up 75 posts which was the highest amount for any month of the year.

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Kirsty said...

Happy birthday for Wednesday Susun! Hope your day is as beautiful and bright as you are! Aquarians unite ;) My daughter Gracie was on January 22nd, I am on February 6th.