Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday Tales

Brian R. came to visit yesterday.  He hadn't been here in 15 years.  It was great to see him.  We spent hours catching up and swapping tales from yesterlore. Brian lives near Boulder, Colorado, now.  He's been two Africa for two multi-week deep backcountry jaunts.  He's still very active in river running and just finished up an 8 year stint with the Forest Service.  He's ever young at heart and in appearance, too.  Susun asked him when we was gong to turn forty.  He blushed and said he'd already turned 50.  We were both shocked and surprised.  he doesn't look a day over 40.  Brian played a key role in getting Susun and I together back in 1987.  It's a long story best told another time.  Thanks, Brian, for going out of your way to visit us.  We look forward to seeing you again--and much sooner than another 15 years!

Chip N. also went out of his way to come to The Straw House yesterday.  We went out to the picnic table and spent an hour going over the grant proposal for the Verde River Recreation Guide.  Chip's a real Ace Grant Writer and this one is a shoo-in to get funded.  One of the exciting aspects about it will be the opportunity to use BAT.  WTH is BAT?  Acronyms R Us.  BAT="Best Available Technology."  So, Chip is going to get a real nice GPS unit that will talk to the GIS people and we will all hold data hands online and sing a stirring virtual version of kumbaya.  We're looking forward to it.

Otherwise, we spent the day messing with the camper.  Made a nice external battery mount and figgered how to rig and stow all of our kitchen bivvy and chuck box.  This rig rox.

Another nice night for a campfire and DF & N Gary W. came to visit.  Susun was jazzed because she could brag about getting to-her-door delivery of Aussie Bites.  Gary stopped off at a metro Costco Monday to pick up the Bites and two more giant bottles of Pace salsa.  Pace is perfect "sipping salsa."  It's a little too watery to use on most foods but it sure makes a great sipping salsa.  I love drinking that stuff straight all by itself with no additives.

Wayne R. used Twitter this morning to announce the publication of an article he authored for the flagship publication of the Arizona Geological Survey.  You can click here to read it.  It's great.

The Daytime highs are finally warming up a little bit.  We reached 54 degrees yesterday and it felt wonderful.

Have a Great Day & Cheers!  jp

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