Friday, January 14, 2011

Susan Kliewer throws a party

Susan K. grew up in Southern California long before it was overrun but the tens of millions of Americans who now call it home.  She went to a tiny little high school that only had 90 graduating seniors.  Heck, there's probably graduating classes of well over 1,000 in most SOCAL high schools now.  Anyway, one of her Dear Friends was/is Mary (at left).  Susun and Mary were cheerleaders.  Mary still lives in SOCAL at Corona Del Mar.  Susan hosted Mary for a visit and wanted her to meet some of Susan's friends.  We were all delighted to be invited and we're sure we gave Mary a healthy dose of Sedona-style friendship!  If not for Mary's visit, there definitely would not have been a party during mid-week January.  THANKS, Mary for sparking Susan to throw one of her patented parties.  It was a real hoot.  Ya'll come back ANYTIME!

Susun and husband Jeff went all out, as usual, to make a memorable evening.  Their apricot-plum pork roast was superb.  THANKS, Susan & Jeff for sharing your awesome hospitality with us.  Below are some photos with brief captions.
Always Smiling, Cheerful Susan K is at left.  Then there's Always Smiling Susun, Kate B. and Kate W. from l-r.  Somehow when these four women get together the good times roll.
Kate, Michael, Mary, Susan, Diana and John celebrate a wonderful dinner.

Brock B. knows how to cut the mustard....and the pork!  And (below) Brad, Jeff and Joshua.

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Marti Spudboater said...

OMG: It's Brock and Kate, the dynamic duo of 7-7-7.

Can't wait see them for happy late spring solstice, what do we care if we're a few days late, party come March 26.