Sunday, January 30, 2011


As all DF & LBR's know, Miss Marsha is in a League of her own.  Her creative ceramictry is totally off the ceramic charts.  WAAAAY back in the late 1980's, she began crafting unique one-of-a-kind chess sets.  Each piece was a work of art.  They were exquisite.  Now, lately, Marsha has switched to tic-tac-toe. It takes a lot less skill than chess, that's for sure.

What's special about Marsha's set above is its Clarkdale theme.  You can see ALL of Clarkdale in this set.  It quite perfect, actually.  Yer WOW-SOME, Marsha!

Well, anyway, moving right along, Marsha sent this email mostly in response to our invitation for Game Day.  Her email is so freaking wonderful to read and enjoy, we just had to share it in its entirety here.  Susun and Marsha were cut from the same cloth.  They both Celebrate Life To The Fullest Every Day In Every Way.  It would be hard to imagine two sisters who partied harder than Marsha & Susun!  YOU GO, GIRLS!

OK, without further ado, here is Marsha's email:

(Bear in mind her email is in response to our Game Day invitation.)

 "Wowwee! sounds like a hooooooooooooooot! What can I bring?

For a few years, we have been enjoying the Super Bowl at the 10-12 bar
with the game playing on mute and dancing to the sounds of Johnny Lingo
(John Ziegler and Dave Rentz). It was amazing how annoying the announcers
are. This was fun, but this sounds better!

I have spent ALL DAY getting a good photo of my latest tic-tac-toe set and
you are the first I will share it with! Maybe a couple of miscellaneous
photos also.

I was delighted to hear at the Tuzigoot cleanup ( it was great- we had 50
PEOPLE show!!!) that John has begun the GPS mapping! I couldn't write back
until I checked the progress that I knew would be on your blog. How
absolutely perfect that you are still introducing new people to the river.
I jealous of Josh. "River-virgins" have such a delightful, exciting
experience! And to be taught by you! Wow!

Max was asked recently by the bigwigs how things on the Greenway were. He
answered that without the Friends nothing at all would be accomplished!
Coming from Max, this is big praise! Who knew how important we would be
when you got us going, John!!! Amazing!

Wow! We are now "Real Americans" as we are looking forward to February 6th
like the other "Real Americans!" Our lives now have value!"


Many Cheers, jp

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