Sunday, January 16, 2011

Idaho Falls Friends create Dear Diary Days.

You've heard Susun say, "It's a Dear Diary Day."  Well, this weekend was a dynamic double dose of Dear Diary Days!
Susun enjoyed two fine nights and days with her Idaho Falls Friends, (l-r) Rachel, Jan and Lee.  They zoomed around the Verde yesterday, enjoying Jerome and Sedona delights.  Today they visited Montezuma Well and spent a couple of hours here at The Straw House.  We enjoyed tea and gran-oat-la cookies out on the ramada.  We had a nice mid-day campfire for the trio since what would a visit be to the Southwest without the aromatherapy of juniper smoke?  They are all "go for it" Friends and it was great for everyone to have a visit here.  After saying sweet goodbyes, they whooshed down to a Mesa motel so they will be ready to jet back to snowy Idaho Falls tomorrow.  Thanks, Rachael & Jan for making a quick trek down south to see Susun.  And, Thanks, Lee, for your awesome hospitality in helping them enjoy a dose-o-Sedona.  Ya'll Come Back Soon, ya hear?  Happy Trails & Many Cheers from Susun & John

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