Friday, December 31, 2010

Then & Now

Here's the story.  The top photo was obviously taken five years ago today.  We tried to replicate the bottom photo as close as possible right down to the same time of day.  We both think we did OK.

Now let's let the story expand a little.

Back five years ago tonight our lives were filled with uncertainty.  We had made a commitment: we were selling out to move to Idaho.  

Who would buy this place?  And Why?  And When?  We knew not.  But we huddled around our New Year's Eve Campfire and talked as if it was a done deal.  

Oh, how full of braggadocio we were.  (Some would use the letters "B" & "S" instead of that fine Italian word!)  We burned a big pile of mesquite and told grand tales of living in Idaho Falls.

But here's the bottom line:  That's the Power of Vision & Belief  & Faith  & Hope.  

Dreams CAN Come True if you BELIEVE they can.  We are all in charge of our own destiny.  As my Grade School Nuns loved to say, "It's Your Choice, Young Man."

To have come full circle between "Then & Now" is a truly inspiring story.  Heck, we are inspired by our OWN story!  It's really amazing to us that we are back here at The Straw House once again in Y2Ten looking at the same timeless vistas and savoring the same primitive joys we once knew.

 If you would have told us five years ago tonight what we would have experienced in the upcoming five years, we would have laughed you right off our property.  Hollywood fiction writers couldn't come up with a better story line than the one that unfolded between "Then & Now."

We're Grateful for our heritage and legacy here at The Straw House.  We're Grateful for the New Life we've created in Idaho. We're Grateful for Family in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Indiana. We're Grateful for our Lifelong Dear Friends here.  We're Grateful for Our Newfound Dear Friends in Idaho.  We're Grateful for have Rivers To Run everywhere.  And, as the New Year's Sun draws to a close, We're most Grateful for being able to be back here at 2nd Chance Ranch posting up photos of "Then & Now!"




Susun & John


Wayne Ranney said...

"Then and now" pictures are the best. They show where we've been and where we are. Thanks to both of you for enriching our lives through your blog(s). Thank you for sharing and may 2011 be a banner year for everyone - no exceptions!


The Goatherder said...

These pics are awesome...I gotta say the new fence is a better fence, but the old fence posts were purtier. We are mighty happy you two aren't running off two days after Christmas this year. Looking forward to some get togethers and some mud slinging before spring. I'm hoping this is your first comment of 2011. Happy New Year, we love you two!
GH, Katie, Josh and the herd.