Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pure luck.

 We enjoyed a great Day Hiking Anniversary.  Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte are Timeless Dear Friends. We spent the remainder of the day messing with our Project de jour--a new door for the south side of the straw house.  It's an expensive and complex project.  We're hoping it will be done before the New Year.

OK, moving right along to the blog title today "Pure Luck."  Whazzup wit dat?  It's kind of a long story.  We hope we can keep it short.  Here goes.  On Valentine's Day 2012, Ol' Airy Zonie will celebrate 100 years as a State.  Arizona was the last of the Lower 48 to become a State.  Some time ago, our ponderous Legislature finally decided to commemorate the centennial.  All sorts of centennial events planned and some are actually underway.  Suffice to say in summation: It's Big Deal.

While we are mostly underwhelmed by all of the impending hoopla our DNA harbors strong ties to "all this historical."  I mean, gee, we even got a degree in history.  So, yeah, we are attracted to historical stuff like bees to whatever.   Here's where the "Pure Luck" gets interesting.  I'm taking Susun to the Phoenix airport Thursday morning so she can visit Daughter Sarah and her Grandsons. Last week the Magic of Twitter alerted me to an event in the Old Senate Chambers of our copper-domed Statehouse.  It's an RSVP event and I am hoping I am cleared for entry to this event.  It sounded like the perfect sort of event for me to get a taste of the Centennial hoopla.  Little did I know how perfect it will be!  This morning's Arizona Republic carries a story about the original Arizona Constitution and what's called the "Organic Act."  Both of this artifacts are incredibly fragile.  So, guess what?  The Constitution is going to be on display ONE DAY ONLY this Thursday.  However, the Organic Act itself will be on display TWO HOURS ONLY.  And guess what?  Those two hours happens to be the time of the event for which I signed up last week.  This is the ONLY time during the entire Centennial Celebration that either of the documents will be on public display--they are that fragile.  Frankly, I can hardly believe my luck.  It's a history buff's dream come true.

I've been in the Old Senate Chambers before--way back in the 1980's and early 1990's.  These chambers reek of history.  They are preserved and maintained in their pristine original ornate magnificence.  You can actually hear the echoes of past pompous pontificators echoing off those lofty mahogany walls.  It's a sweet place to be even if you are the only person standing in the room.  Imagine what it's going to be like will all the Grand Poo-Bahs of Arizona politics crowding inside those historical chambers.  The Guv herself is going to be there and all of the other dim blubs of the lumarios of our State's political light show.  I can hardly wait!
Click here to check out the full story about the display of the documents.  
If you want to learn more about the two hour special event, click here.

We were remiss in not posting up a great Susun Foto of a recent sunset.  This one was Saturday night about half past Happy Hour.

Many Cheers today!  jp

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