Friday, December 3, 2010


What's a MIC?  Most people immediately think of a microphone.  A few might conjure the Motorcycle Industry Council.  Ever fewer would think of the stock ticker symbol for the Macquarie Infrastructure Company.  However, MIC to us and a LOT of people in the Verde Valley means "Made In Clarkdale." It's pronounced MICK as in Mickey.

MIC is easily one of the best small town special events we've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. How do we love thee, MIC?  Ah, let us count the ways.  MIC showcases genuine artists who live within the town limits of Clarkdale, a little known historic mining community near the much more well known historic mining community of Jerome.  We're not talking a craft show here, folks.  MIC is a genuine art exhibition.  MIC's jurors are ruthless when it comes to rejecting anything they deem "not art."

MIC takes place on the first Friday evening of each December in the historic Clark Memorial Hall.  On cue, hundreds of local residents and visitors appear out of nowhere and fill the Hall with smiles and merriment.  Admission is free. Meanwhile, the Good People of Clarkdale put on a free feed for all comers.  It's finger food, of course, but the food AND the wine AND the entertainment are free.  MIC's been staging this grand annual event since the late 1980's.  Tonight will be MIC's 24th year!

I attended the first MIC by myself but Susun and I started going each year when we got together in the late 80's.  It became one of our fondest annual cultural traditions.  It's part art exhibition and part a pseudo high school reunion.  In the old days everybody knew everybody there.  It was one giant party of friends.  In recent years, lots of strangers started coming and they diluted the "homegrown" feel of the event.  Nevertheless, MIC still offers one of our best opportunities to see and visit with at least a few dozen of our local friends and former associates.

In a word, MIC's a HOOT!  So, no campfire tonight--Happy Hour reconvenes at 6 pm  in Clarkdale on The First Friday of December.   Click here for the MIC website. 

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