Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beto's Leads Taco Quest

Our quest for a good taco took a turn for the better today.  We stopped in at Beto's in Camp Verde after the lunch crowd left.  We were their only customer a little after 1:15 pm.  We asked hesitantly if they could prepare a taco without deep frying it.  The clerk was all smiles and cheerfully replied, "Of Course we can!"  I was in for a real nice treat.  Lots of chicken, great salsa, shredded cheese, plenty of fresh lettuce and TWO thin corn tortillas.  It turns out they make their own corn tortillas in house and don't use any animal fats!  

After downing the taco I returned to the counter to ask about other options.  Yes, they can put some onions in the taco.  They will even toast the tortillas on their grill if requested.  They have a wide range of taco options including vegetarian.  Beto's has really improved since we last experienced it long ago.  It's a great place. The taco is $1.90 including tax. That's no biggie for a great taco that can be customized "at will."  We're now going to be much more eager to visit Camp Verde.  

By the way, we spent $38 in the Camp Verde Basha's and saved $68!  YEEE---HAAW~!


The Goatherder said...

Details please on how to get 106 dollars worth of stuff for 38 bucks!!
I usually manage to get about 38 dollars worth of stuff for my 108 dollars!

Wayne Ranney said...

Directions to Beto's please! With a map. Taco's R us.

Marti Spudboater said...

You must take me on a date to Beto's when I come visit. I love tacos,especially with cilantro and an ice cold tecate or negro modelo.