Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're NOT voting today

What?  Not voting?  Are you serious? 

Yep, we voted absentee on Thursday!  Gotcha! 

Absentee voting is really the way to go these days, especially with flu season lurking in the wings.  It's SOOOO much more painless than going to our regular polling place in the Teresa Bunker Elementary School.  It's nice that Idaho lets us vote absentee for any reason whatsoever such as "The sky is blue today so I felt like voting."  OK, so we voted.

Speaking of voting and the flu--we also got our flu shots on Saturday.  Naturally, "The Deal Dude," as Spudboater calls us, shopped until he nearly dropped to get the best deal on the shots.  The grand total for the two of us came to $30.  It could have easily been $60 or more here in Idaho Falls.  A couple of unsuspecting types who waltz into Walgreens would have been relieved of sixty bucks pretty pronto.  What was also fun about the flu shot gig was that we got poked at an urgent care clinic.  We figured they give shots all day long so it would be painless and it was.  Both of us had to ask them if they really gave us the shots since we felt nothing.  They laughed and showed us the needles.

Well, we got spammed last night in the wee hours.  Yep, someone sneaked through Google's SPAM engines and posted their tripe on this blog.  Actually there were two SPAMs.  Google caught one but the other one eluded containment.  We don't think the offender was egregious enough to warrant resumption of comment moderation.  If the situation changes, of course, we will have to return to a pre-post review of each comment.

Speaking of sneaking, we managed to sneak out to the Sand Creek driving range yesterday afternoon to test out two newly acquired clubs.  We did real well with the new #3 metal driver and the #6 iron.  Not so well with the new Big Bertha-style #1 metal driver and the #3 iron.  We are looking forward to playing a round of golf out there today on the short course. It's supposed to clear 60 degrees today.

There's nothing new to report about the leaves--they aren't leaving.  I checked some of them yesterday and they are still so tightly attached to the tree you have to yank hard on them to get them to separate.  Unwittingly last week, we did something that guarantees us a departure date for OAZ. We booked Miss Susun on a Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego December 9th out of Phoenix.  Soooo....long story short: we'll humming that Glen Campbell melody from "By The Time I Get to Phoenix" at least several days prior to December 9th.  Bottom Line:  We're outta here within no more than 30 days.

Susun is back to beading.  She made several ear rings sets yesterday.  She's organized all her beading supplies and she's clearly got "bead fever" once again.  It's great.  I love it when she's beading and giving gifts of jewelry to her friends.  She innovated a great little long distance tradition last fall.  Daughter Stasea learned about it yesterday and wants in on the tradition, too.  Susun found these truly cool Lady Bug beads and she started making Lady Bug ear rings.  Most of you know that the Lady Bug and Susun go back a long time together.  Anyway, Susun gave out a lot of the Lady Bug ear rings last fall to her Dear Friends in Arizona.  Here's how the plan works--the first Monday of each month, everyone wears their Lady Bug ear rings and thinks of everyone else.  Most of the time, they all call each other while they are wearing their Lady Bug ear rings and it's a joyful little thing for each of them to do.

Today marks nearly one full week without glancing even once at Google News!  I haven't felt any "news withdrawal" pangs whatsoever.  I haven't even been tempted to click over to Google News.  We're sure glad that phase is over.

Well, that's about all this morning.  No mas chit chat.  CHEERS!  jp

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Drewser said...

I agree...absentee is the way to go. Been doing it for years. However, for some perspective, our neighbor is formerly Canadian and just got her US citizenship a few years back after an 8 year process. She absolutely INSISTS on showing up to vote on voting day to exercise her right and get the full experience. She is the most proud American I know and for that, I salute her!