Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weather Report

Looks like we're gonna have a mighty fine Saturday here at Montezuma Well.  Tomorrow? Not so much.
The above graphic easily tells the story.  Yesterday's high here was 60 degrees and the temps was above 50 for over five full hours.  This morning's low was 15 and it's downright COLD outside.  Looks like we're gonna have daytime highs in the 40's for the first half of this coming week and then we'll be back up in the mid-60's for the remainder of the week.

Idaho Falls appears to be past the brunt of the bitter cold weather. Yesterday topped out at 23 and this morning's low is (oddly) the same as our low: 15 degrees. Most of the next week up there will see highs in the 20's and lows in the teens with a chance of snow pretty much every day.  Temps during that cold snap a few days ago were 20-25 degrees below normal for this time of year.  The NWS Climate Prediction Center continues to believe that the Southwest will be warm and dry for the next 3 months while Idaho will be cold and snowy. (NOTE: The photo at left is the Idaho Falls web cam shot of The Falls early Saturday morning.  BRRRRRR!

We love a daytime high about 60 degrees.  It's near perfect.  Temps drop quickly after sundown.  Last night it was in the 30's before the embers of our campfire flickered down.  Lizard and Robin are coming to visit this afternoon for a Pinto Bean Dinner.  We invited them to arrive about 4 pm so we can all enjoy the campfire before the light fades and the temps get uncomfortable.

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