Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top O' The Morning to You!

We'd bet that everyone knows this is the last Sunday in November.  Geeze, we're now back on the annual countdown to Christmas and, YIKES, the Dawn of Year Twenty Eleven.  If ever there was a year that flew by like a raven after roadkill, this one was it.

We're becoming much more wrapped up in watching weather.  That's an annual tradition, especially in "active winters" such as the one we are approaching. We promise to do a better job keeping our incessant weather chatter OFF this blog an on our "Geek Weather" blog where it belongs.  As a matter of fact, we posted a lengthy discussion of weather over on that blog this morning.  You can click here to read it.  What we WILL say about our weather is simply this: It's probably going to snow at The Straw House today and the grounds will almost assuredly be white tomorrow morning!  How 'bout them apples?

Yesterday was a real fun day.  We had a great lolly-gag morning and didn't leave the house until 10-ish.  We spent 3 hours round trip to Cottonwood and procured a wide array of foodstuffs and other stuffs, too.  After our return, we were both real motivated to water seal our picnic table--an esoteric task if there ever was one.
Lizard & Robin came over at 4:30 pm and we enjoyed a great visit 'round the campfire.  We feasted on Gooding, Idaho, pinto beans simmered 12 hours with a holiday ham bone.  Robin baked some awesome blue corn meal muffins and it was a simple, fine and filling repast.  Thanks fora a Great Evening, L&R!

So, here's a story about Springtime Shopping.  We're sure you are all aware of what's known in the retail trade as "seasonal specials."  For example, we're in the midst of a classic seasonal special: Christmas Trees.  Last spring, we really wished we could have a picnic table.  Lo and behold, Home Depot decided to offer picnic tables for sale about a week before we departed for Idaho.  So, we jumped onto that deal and simply stashed the disassembled table in Susun's shed for the past six months.  We're now in the process of getting the table ready for duty this winter.  The other seasonal item we scored last April is a clothes line thingie.  It looks and behaves like an umbrella.  Trust me, you can't buy clothes line thingies in November but you sure can in April.  Our four new chairs here in The Straw House were sorta seasonal specials in a backwards way.  They are patio chairs, real nice ones.  They started out the summer season in Idaho with a price of $80 each.  By the time Labor Day rolled around, there made it clear down to twenty bucks a pop.  That's the same as buying one and getting three free.  Gotta love seasonal shopping.

Today's mostly an Inside Day.  Heaven knows there's plenty of indoors chores awaiting our attention today.

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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